Wild Kingdom – “Longest mile”

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Lake Zorinsky Park, Omaha, NE

60° Clear Skies no humidity perfect weather

PAX:  Overtime, Splinter, Tater Tot, Wait time, cutting edge, Escobar, ketchup, Brad Pitt, slow pitch, Vandalay, Gator, Thomas, Speed square, Breaststroke, Cheapseats, crab cakes, Hagar(hate), Moon man, Dogfish, Boomerang, Splinter, Hard hat, White claw, two by four, Tonight show, Blades of Glory, Mufasa, 

QIC: Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory welcomed total of 28 PAX to the Wild Kingdom. Gave the mission statement, disclaimer, and the Credo.

The PAX performed a mosey to the Grassy knoll roundabout.  


Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

High Knees – 15 IC

10 Butt kicks – 10 IC 

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Pre-Thang: The PAX did a short mosey over to the glorious Lake Z bathroom shelter.  Here they were confused on the muddy instructions of holding a squat against the wall as a coupon was passed around to each member to do 2 overhead presses then pass the coupon to the next person.  We did one rocky Balls to the Wall with a 45 count that stalled out around 13 and after a while we called it good.  We then headed to the grassy knoll roundabout to prepare for the Thang.


Pax did a version of the Longest Mile with 4 Stations around the Roundabout.  (about 100 meets apart.  (So a full circle would be 400M) 

Station 1.  Table  Jumps -15

Station 2.  Burpees -15

Station 3.  V-Ups (or big boy sit ups) 15

Station 4.  Merkins -15

Picked a partner and worked through the stations together.  Most groups made it 3 completions so ¾ of a mile.  Until Omaha was called.  


American Hammers – 27 IC



Blades of Glory Shared about how 4 years ago he made a spectacular diving ultimate frisbee touchdown catch on the same field.  However this lead to a broken collar bone and 2 cracked ribs and time to think.  4 months later he ran the good life ½ marathon and Thanksgiving Sold home to move to the Dominican Republic for a time.  

Related this to his divorce (a Broken bone) for now and the pain is awful but it to shall pass.  The only way is though and thankful to have a community like F3 so not alone in Isolation.  

Prayer:  Covid also was a break in our lives for most of us and caused us to go a different direction.  But God is the Great physician and is the ultimate Healer.


-(Blades of Glory) did another Rookie mistake and tried to go straight of of twitter account instead of video thus leading to a none existing name o rama but Mufasa did a at office version.  

– Tonight Show closed with a prayer

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