06-05-2021 Led by Cutting Edge

It was a bright, sunny morning at the Oracle. 13 HIM’s were present: Sweet Tooth, Straight Flesh, Mufasa, FNG (Protractor), Mother Goose, Zebo, Black Flag, Romeo, Cheap Seats, Vandelay (Respect), Umbro, Armadilla, Cutting Edge.

We started at 7AM Sharp.

Warm-a-Rama 7:01AM:

We mosey’d over to the parking lot on the north side of the school for our warm-a-rama:

Sun gods x 10 forwards  IC

Sun gods x 10 backwards  IC

Side straddle Hops x 20 IC

Air jump ropes x 10 IC

Air jump ropes x 10 ic backwards

Tappy taps x 10 IC

20 merkens

Pre-Thang 7:06AM:

For the pre-thang we mosey’s to the west, through the trees staying on the walking path for about a quarter of a mile to another open area.  From there we did our pre-thang.  We all got in a line like we were getting ready to run a race.  From there we did 20 merkens on my lead, got up, and ran about 60 to 70% to the other side of the field which was about 40 to 50 yards away.  When we got there, we did 20 more merkens.  When done we got up and ran back to the original spot at about 60 to 70%.  We continued to do this until we got through all the exercised below.  The HIM’s took turns leading in the exercises.  

20 Merkens- 10 Burpees- 25 Air Squats- 20 Carolina Dry Docks- 20 Freddy Mercuries- Bobby Hurleys 20


The Thang 7:23AM:

We mosey’d back to the school to the open field just to the west of the school building.  From there we got into groups of two.  Each group would be responsible for doing the exercises belowas a team.  One HIM would work on the reps while the other HIM would run to the building which was about 25 to 30 yards away and then run back. Once he got back the HIM that was doing the exercises would get up and run and the one that was running would do the exercises.  Once they reached the combined number of reps for each exercise, they would move on to the next one.  If they got through all the exercises, they would rinse and repeat.  – 100 Apollo Ohno’s- 80 Big Boys- 40 burpies – 100 shoulder taps- 75 Chuck Norris Merkins and/or diamond merkins- 150 groiners- 125 Bonnie Blairs

6 Minutes of Mary 7:48AM:- 20 Flutter Kicks IC- 20 LBC’s IC- American hammers – Around the horn twice

Circle of Trust 7:52AM:

We did the name-o-rama and named an FNG.  Welcome Protractor!

We discussed how important the responsibility of being a dad or a father figure was and how our largest responsibility was leading our families to learn to love others and to love God.    

Another very important responsibility of a father is to be able to rattle off a good “dad” joke when the time is right, so we went over some of these to help all the dads be ready when the time comes.  

We prayed to help us be better dads and also for Mother Goose and his family as they are expecting.

It was a great morning, with a great workout, and some great intensity!

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