June 23rd, 2021 |Paradise Island – 1 Year in the Rearview |Paradise Bakery, Regency


PAX: Super Nasty, Armadillo, Bubbles, LPC, Chucky, Gunner, Khakis (Respect), Iced Tea, Skipper, Retweet, Slow Pitch, Buns of Steel, Horse Tooth, Honey Stinger, Water Boy, Flanders, Bonnie, Flying V, Toto


Q: Toto


Weather:  71 *F Partly Cloudy, Wind 12 MPH SSE


Welcomed PAX. Gave F3 core values, mission statement, credo, disclaimer and started mosey along traditional route to Office Building Parking lot near NE corner of Lake for Warm o Rama.


Warm o rama: 

Check Point # 1: Office Building Parking Lot

BIG Ones x 10 IC 

SSH x 15 IC 

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC 

Wind Mills x 15 IC 

Tappy Taps x 15 IC

Goof Balls x 15 IC 


Check Point # 2: Apartment Clubhouse Parking 

Circle up and Al Gore or Plank til the 6 is in.

Tempo Merkins, Round the Horn- RTH, IC 

Copper head Squats, RTH, IC 


Check Point # 3: Lake Gazebo

Circle up and Al Gore or Plank til the 6 is in.

Gas Pumpers, RTH, IC 

Monkey Humpers, RTH, IC 


Check Point # 4: Bottom of Hill 

Circle up and Al Gore or Plank til the 6 is in.

Step Ups, each Leg x 10, IC. 

Donkey Kicks on Up, RTH 


Check Point # 5: Top of Hill

Circle up and Al Gore or Plank til the 6 is in.

Burpee – Rama, Chop feet in place, Burpees on Down, RTH


Mosey back to Shovel Flags



American Hammers, RTH, IC 




COT: 1 Year in the Rearview


For my COT today I want to start first by thanking LPC for the “EH” a year ago. LPC had discovered F3 just a couple weeks prior and I could sense his enthusiasm behind F3. Despite my hesitation due to the early morning wakeup call, he continued to persist I try it out. 


So much has happened over the last year that I can attribute to F3 and give credit too. 


A year ago following a what felt like a never ending beat down applied by Grillz, I stuck around for Q-Source. The Plague was present and blessing us all with his understanding and significance of the “Concentrica”. It opened my eyes in terms of where I was focusing my attention and it wasn’t focused on my wife where it should have been. After some refocusing, and two months’ time, little did I know that my wife and I had conceived our third child. A total shock after we learned 2 months later that we had done so naturally without the assistance of IVF like our first two. What a blessing.


After the first couple months in F3 I noticed a change in my attitude which was originally based in dissatisfaction with the status quo of work and homelife. Always feeling like was in a race to outperform thy neighbor. But with change in perspective,I had adopted an appreciation for my status. With so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic I was just happy to be employed. I began focusing on relationships rather than hierarchy. Go figure, 4 months later this change in focus landed me a promotion. 


Because of F3 I have expanded my support system to levels I could have never imagined. I signed up to work out in negative temps just to experience those sincere conversations with other HIMs while enduring miserable conditions. I Did a 3 hourCSAUP in 8 inches of snow because why not, It’s a CSAUP. I have registered for a Spartan Race (Yay Sparty!), did a triple Murph, pre ran pre runs…. and I did all of this because it leaves me feeling great!


I can recall so many inspirational COTs from fellow PAX members that just leave me feeling totally blessed and gratefulfor having been there that day. When I looked back on the attendees from my first post a year ago I was almost overwhelmed by the relationships that I now have with these HIMs. had I never been EH’d by LPC I sadly would never have experienced them. 


Cheers to the F3 OG’s from Paradise Island 1 year ago. Saul, Roadhouse, Hard Hart, LPC, Toto (FNG), Biff, Two Step, Sparty, Scrapper, Swinger, Chicklets, Gunner, Splinter, The Plague, Slick, Gypsy (FNG), Tater Tot, Buns of Steel (FNG), Khakis, Blue Chip, Merch, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Blue Suede, Armbar, and Smashmouth. And Cheers to all my F3 brothers! 



Sky Q we kneel before you this morning and give thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this community of high impact men. A community that genuinely appreciates each other and has the desire to be better men. Lord we ask for you your grace and patience as we recognize our short comings. Bless us with the strength to overcome and lend a helping hand to our brothers and sisters in need. Lord we lift up the prayers mentioned to you this morning. May they feel your healing power and find relief in your presence. In Jesus name we pray, 



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