June 23, 2021 / Stinson Park / AO – Heavy Metal / 72 degrees

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Q: Domer

F3 5 Core Principles


We all know the men of Heavy Metal are the strongest HIM in the land. But these men had to be challenged. Challenged to not only pump iron but to pump with finesse, pump with style, pump with the purpose of looking good while pumping. Today these men met the challenge and exceeded all expectations. 

Warm-o-Rama – 5 minutes 

– Farmer walk weights to the south cones

– Mosey around the center of green and performed the following exercises

o Slow alternating lunges

o Butt kickers

o Alternating Leg kicks

o Alternating Bend downs

o High knees

o Walk on tippy toes

o Side shuffles (each side)

Pre-thang – 10 minutes

– Moseyed to hill southwest of the stage near Center St. Split into two groups.

o Group 1 – Exercise on Hill

  • Bear Crawl up the hill
  • Jump Squats up hill
  • Hill Sprints
  • Reverse Bear Crawl/Lunge

Group 2 – Bottom of hill

  • Burpees AMRAP
  • Air Squats AMRAP
  • Alternating jumping lunges AMRAP
  • Burpees AMRAP

Cones were set up at the north and south ends of Stinson with all HIM lined up on the south end with weights. Silence fell over the HIM when they had the realization of the monumental challenge set before them.


  • South End
    • Thrusters with weights 10x
    • Overhead Tricep Extensions
    • Sprint to North Side
  • North End
    • Husbanders x10 (Smoooth Dive Bombers)
    • 5 Burpees
    • Bear Crawl to South End
  • South End
    • Dumbbell Curl and Press 10x
    • Goblet Squat 10x
    • Farmers walk to north side with weights in one hand
  • North End
    • KB Swings 10x
    • Rear delt flys 10x
    • Farmers walk to south side with weights in one hand
  • South End
    • Upright Row 10x
    • Stiff Leg Deadlifts 10x
    • Lunges with shoulder press to north end 
  • North End
    • Merkins with Renegade Row (Sexy Dive Bombers) 
    • 10x
    • Bendover Tricep extensions 10x
    • Lunges with alternating bicep curl to South End
  • South End
    • Dumbbell close grip Press 10x
    • One arm dumbbell Snatch 5x each side
    • Lunges with shoulder press to north end 
  • North End
    • Burpees x10
    • Husbanders x10 (Smoooth Dive Bombers)
    • Squat walk with weights overhead
  • South End
    • Dumbbell close grip Press 10x
    • One arm dumbbell Snatch 5x each side
    • Repeat sequence until Omaha or someone drops

No Mary was had because we

 all gas and no brakes





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Heavy Metal

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