The Octagon AO // Westside Community Center// 57 degrees – perfect workout conditions

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PAX= Zebow, Grilz, Wide Right, Slow Pitch, Ice T, Skyhawk, Khakis (respect) Edison, Super Nasty. Bonnie, Hoosegow, Sister Act, Tuner, Cabernet, Roll Bar, Short Sale (Down Range), Golden Pike, Kill Switch, Beaver, Wentworth, Tater Tot, Space Bar, Stitches, Tool Time, Stella, Bear Gryls, Folsom, Stink Bait, Bloodshot, Dr. Thunder, Chicklets (respect)

• Q welcomed the PAX to THE OCTAGON promptly at 5:30 am with the 5 core principals, mission statement and disclaimer that the Q is only a semi-professional. No FNGs were present.
Mosey commenced behind the school.
• Tappy Taps -20 IC • BigOnes-20IC
Mosey commenced around the school to the track where a beautiful sunset was observed.
• Sun Gods -20 IC
• SSH-20IC
• A full lap around the track was completed
The Thang:
PAX broke up into groups of 4.
Station 1 – Arms
• Merkins -20
• Pull-ups -10
• OH seal claps – 20
Station 2- Core
• LBC-20
• Flutter kicks – 20
• Heels to heaven – 20
Station 3
• Air squats – 20
• Apolo Ohno’s -20
• Johny Drama’s – 20 eyes closed

Station 4
• Push group began by running a lap then pushing to station 1
Omaha was called at 6:02 and we returned to the infield.
A progressive wave of merkins was performed leading off with Tater Tot building from 1 rep to 10.
Announcements/Prayer requests
• Queen Service
• Folsom’s friend Jody has a job interview
Q discussed how fast time goes and this has been on his mind especially with yesterday being the longest day of the year. He sent a daughter to college this year, has a 17 year old and his youngest is now a teenager. He recently attended his 30 year class reunion.
When his kids were younger, he would take them shopping at a store such as Menard’s or Home Depot. If asked if he needed help he would reply “I need an extra hour in my day”. Over the last several months he has found the time he spends at F3 in the mornings (roughly 1 hour) has allowed him to have a great workout along with social and spiritual interaction. This time has not taken away from anything else in the day so in essence, he has found an extra hour! He hopes that other PAX members feel the same.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Octagon

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