June 19, 2021 // AO: The Pit // Halleck Park // 700

PAX: (8) Slow Pitch, Fun Dip, Chernobyl, Firewalker, Grillz, The Plague, Tony the Tiger.

Q: Icy Hot

The Qic arrived about 515am to set up some cones prior to the 530am pre-run group that he wanted to join.

The PAX was promptly welcomed at 600am by the Qic with the F3 mission statement, core principles, and the disclaimer.


The PAX moseyed to the back side of the pond and circled up on top of the hill for warm-a-rama.

Sun Gods with Calf Raises – 10 IC forward and 10 IC backward

Overhead Clap – 10 IC

Seal Claps – 10 IC

Tappy Taps – 10 IC

Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

Side Straddle Hops – 20 IC

After warm-a-rama the PAX moseyed to the pavilion for the Pre-Pre-Thang. It was this Pre-Pre-Thang that had Icy Hot questioning what he got into one year ago when he first showed up to F3 Omaha at the Pit.


The Pre-Pre-Thang consisted of Dips, Derkins, and Jump ups (DDJs). The first round consisted of 20 reps of each followed by a 10 count before starting a second round of 15 reps of each. Much like the very first time Icy Hot went through this he was again out of breath and not looking forward to the remainder of the beatdown. Once the second round was completed, another 10 count was needed before the mosey to the open field just to the south of the pavilion.


The Pre-Thang was a modified version of a crossfit routine called “Fat Amy.” There were two cones placed about 20 yards apart. The PAX lined up near one cone facing the other cone and completed the following:

50 Air Squats – Bernie Sanders to cone 2, perform 5 Burpees, 20 Big Boys, jog back to cone 1

5 Burpees, 15 Alternating lunges, Bernie Sanders to cone 2

5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, jog back to cone 1

5 Burpees, 20 yard bear crawl to cone 2

5 Burpees, 20 Air squats, jog back to cone 1

5 Burpees and Omaha was called so the PAX could begin the Thang.


The PAX stayed as one group and traveled around the Duck Pond to complete 3 stations.

Station 1

  1.  Groiners – 15 (on up)
  2.  Jump Squats – 15
  3.  Mt. Climbers – 20 IC
  4.  High Knees – 25 IC

Station 2

  1. Carolina Dry Docks – 15
  2. Alt. Shoulder Taps – 16
  3. Cherry Pickers – 20 IC
  4. Chinooks – 20 IC

Station 3

  1. Low Dollies – 15
  2. Flutter Kicks – 15 IC
  3. Dying Cockroach – 15 IC
  4. Heel Touches – 20 IC

The PAX made it through each station twice before Omaha was called at 648am. The PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags for Mary.


Since the PAX had just completed core activities at cone 3, the Qic decided to just complete American Hammers Rancid style two times around.

Announcements/Prayers: Firewalker shared his first Icy Hot encounter at Icy’s first post, which helped spark some memories for Icy.

Plague shared that be on the lookout for more expansion within F3 Omaha.


One year ago, I showed up to this AO not sure what I was getting into. Unlike many of you, I was not EH’d. For me, I saw these name-a-rama videos on Twitter and checked out the F3 Omaha website. I thought to myself I could do this, so I just showed up June 13, 2020 at the Pit. I was in a rut and lost my purpose. I needed something different in my life at that time. The workout that day was tough. I thought I was in shape, but after the DDJs I was beat and questioning what I got myself into. It was when Slow Pitch gave his COT that I realized that F3 is more than fitness. Slow Pitch stated in his COT that we should look at the people around us and see what they are doing for us and our 2.0’s and have a greater admiration for those around us. Most of our loved one’s support what we are doing, become aware of what they are doing and support them. I have not forgotten this message as it was the most impactful part of that day. Thank you all for your COTs beatdowns, friendships, and the brotherhood.

Happy Father’s Day!

Aye! Icy Hot

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