PAX: Drone Strike, Huffy, Gobbler, Lucky Charms, Blowout, Jeeves, Stella, polaroid, Edison, Half Pipe, Beta Max

Q: Drone Strike

Warmarama: Ran to HDR turf garden,  20x Side Straddle Hops, 10x Tappy Taps, 10x imperial walkers,  10x sungods

Pre-thang: Lucky Charms Trivia.  Merkins or Burpees (He got 3-4 question correct*) 

Q1: What animal is best? He answer correctly Red panda. 5x merkins

Q2: How many Red Pandas are left?  He answered too many. Wrong!!! 5x Burpees

Q3: What type of animal is a red panda? Answered marsupial. Thought it was correct* 5x merkins

​5 apology burpees for being wrong by drone strike

Q4: Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?  Answered correctly Mark McGwire!!!  5x merkins

10x monkey humpers pointed at HDR to show disrespect to drone strikes brother who works there

Back to shovel flags

The Thang:

Two groups

Group one:

Run to the Stinson Tower, 30 second wall sit


Run to the Hill, Bear crawl up the hill and touch wall


Group two:

While the other group runs

10x Goblet Squats

20x Curls 

20x Lunges (10 each leg)

15x Dead Lift

10x Merkins on Block

20x Flutter Kicks with block

20x Chest Press

10x Kettle bell swings

Rinse and Repeat

5 Blockees when group returns

Group two runs 

Groups alternated between bear crawls and wall sits


Blood Drive today

3rd F at North Star 

Prayer Request: Polaroid said prayers for a friends baby who is going through surgery today,  Lucky said prayers for in laws of Gobbler, Huffy, and himself


Talked about my week at work and how I am working to change the culture in an organization that is struggling to change.  Talked about how I was going to HR to help make changes to other employees making sexist and anti-gay comments in the work place.  I decided to start taking my own stance and telling people that thing need to change for us to grow as a company. I gave an example of an employee who, as of Monday, is no longer employed by us because of the comments he was making.  

On Wednesday of this week, I got pulled aside by another employee who told me that his brother is gay.  He explained that in all of the blue-collar jobs he has worked at, I was the first to make a stand for his brother and he was starting to feel more comfortable to talk about it with other employees.

I ended the COT by telling the group to continue to push for change for those who are different or ridiculed for who they are. Even when you think you aren’t making a change, you are it a lot more ways than you think.

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