Golden Spike


June 18, 2021


Burke High School Omaha NE


76 degress and Muggy as hell – air was thick today


PAX: Tuner, Mother Goose, Khakis (Respect), Wentworth, Ice T, Wide Right, Slow Pitch, Convoy, Swiper, Killbassa, Vandelay (Respect), Alex (FNG – Draino), Super Nasty, Flanders, Zbo, Waterboy, DaVinci (Respect), Bear Grillz, Dr Thunder, Grease Fire, Icy Hot, Merch, Super Tasty, FDIC, Romeo (hate), Black Flag, Golden Pike, Cheap Seats


QIC — Cheap Seats


Cheap Seats welcomed 27 HIM to Golden Spike on a hot and muggy morning.  Gave the mission statement, disclaimer and Credo.


The PAX entered the Burke field and headed to the 50 yard line for warm-o-rama.




We performed some calisthenics that include; skipping, high knees, butt kicks, Karaoke to the East and Karaoke the East


Tappy Taps — 12 IC


Tator Taps – 12 IC


Performed a new exercise called “The Phil” thank you Sasquatch.  12 IC


12 sun gods with calf raises in both directions.


After warm-o-rama Cheap Seats numbered off the PAX in groups of 4 and assigned them to a certain isle of the bleachers on the East side of the stadium.  We moseyed over to our aisle to start the first Thang workout.


Thang 1:  Each grouping was assigned an isle of the stairs.  The mission was to complete 4 sets of exercises.  1. The first exercise was to run up the stairs, once you were at the top you completed 5 burpees.  You then ran down the stairs and completed 5 pull ups laying down on the bleachers and using the railings.  2. Once completed the second exercise began.  Second exercise you hopped on both feet to the top of the stairs and completed 5 burpees.  Then you ran back down the stairs and completed 5 pull ups laying down on the bleachers and using the railings.3. Once completed the 3rd exercise began.  Third exercise you hopped on left foot to the top of the stairs and completed 5 Burpees.  Then you ran back down the stairs and completed 5 pull ups laying down on the bleachers and using the railings.4. Once completed the 4th exercise began.  4th Exercise you hopped on the right foot to the top of the stairs and completed 5 burpees. Then you ran back down the stairs and completed 5 pull ups laying down on the bleachers and using the railings.


We then rinsed and repeated that same process one more time.  PAX was spent including yours truly!


Thang 2: The PAX then moseyed to the north endzone to complete the second thang workout


This workout consisted of each PAX member teaming up with a partner.  The two HIM then ran from the goal line to the 50 yard line and completed 50 merkins each.  After that was completed they would run back to the goal line and then to the 40 and completed 40 Bonnie Blairs.  They continued and ran to the goal line and to the 30 yard line for 30 diamond merkins, next it was back to the goal line and to the 20 yard line for 20 air squats.  Lastly the pair of HIM ran to the goal line and then the 10 yard line for 10 Bropees.  If the partners were able to complete all of these workouts then rinsed and repeated until Omaha was called.




In true free to lead fashion Cheap Seats called on several PAX members to lead in a set of mary.


Kielbasa led us in 15 gas pumpers

Bear Grillz led us in 15 Freddy M’s

Icy Hot led us in 15 heals to heaven

Khakis led us in 15 LPC’s


We ended with American Hammers rancid style starting with Vandelay and ending with Cheap Seats for a set of 28.





Lots of announcements from the PAX:1. 2.0 workout across all sites on Saturday EXCEPT Oracle!2. Queen Service first week weigh in today.  Not to late to sign up3. Several 3rd F opportunities consisting of donating blood and playing kickball with Omaha North Friday afternoon


No prayer requests.


Focus on the COT was around Father’s Day.  Cheap Seats wished everybody a very Happy Father’s day.  We then discussed a recent tweet sent by Tonight Show about chaos.  The tweet explained how we respond to chaos really shows our true character.  This tweet reminded me of my dad, who passed away 4 years ago to lung cancer.  I explained that my Dad was always calm and collected for our family in times of chaos and hardships during our life.  He was a true example of a great Father figure and how to lead men.  I asked the PAX to reflect on the chaotic times in their life and see how they are responding to those times.  I also encouraged them to understand how this behavior can impact their 2.0.  Our mood as HIM set the tone for how our 2.0’s and M act.  If we set a good tone we are setting a very positive example for them, if it’s negative that can have an adverse effect as well.


Cheap Seats took us out in prayer!

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