Thursday, June 17, 2021 – The Sandlot – Halleck Park Papillion – 5:30 a.m.


PAX: Ear Tag, Icy Hot, High Life, Boiling Point, GirDad, Mensa, Haggis, Animal House, Pea Soup, Trench, Zorro, FireWalker, Sweet Roll, KOA

Q: BabyShark


5:30 a.m. 15 PAX met at Halleck Park on one of the projected hottest days of the year for the SandLot. There was a breeze in the air and the sun was up. The heat hadn’t quite hit, so we were off and running with a mosey from the duck pond over to the Papillion Junior High. The PAX counted off in 2’s and fell in lines to complete chain runs to the Junior High.


Warmarama (5:40 a.m.): After a smooth mosey of chain runs, Baby Shark led for some quick warm-ups of Big One’s in cadence to stretch the legs. Baby Shark intended to do 10, but kept the momentum going with 11. This was followed by 11 Tappy Taps.  


Thang (5:43 a.m.):  Staying in groups of 2, the PAX split up where group 1 stayed at the bottom of the Washington Street bridge to complete step-ups onto the benches and retaining wall while group 2 ran over the bridge and back at about a 90% pace. Once group 2 returned the groups switched and this exercise was carried out for 3 sets.

          (5:55 a.m.): The PAX went on a mosey over to the Junior High track. No chain runs. Just a nice mosey for recovery. At the track, the PAX stayed in groups of 2 and staggered 400 meter runs with the first 100 meters at 90% pace and next 300 at recovery pace. The next 400 meter run had the first 200 meters at 90% pace with 200 meters to recover and finally the third 400 meter lap at 300 meters 90% pace and the last 100 meters recovery pace. Omaha was called and the group returned to the starting point with a recovery jog.


Mary (6:05 a.m.): The group performed 40 American Hammers in cadence with each PAX taking a turn. 40 in honor of Baby Shark’s 40th birthday.


Announcements: Icy Hot is on the Q for the Pit on Saturday and is celebrating his 1-year anniversary of being in F3. Sign-up for the blood drive on Friday, 6/18 at the Omaha Blood Bank. KOA went early as a drop-in. They have room and there is a need. GirlDad talked about the BrickLayer event and how they raised around $30k. If you weren’t able to make it this year’s event consider next year and other upcoming fundraising events.


Prayers: Prayers for Squeaky Clean and recovering from nagging injury. Continued prayers for Knobs and his family.


COT: “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Baby Shark turned 40 today and shared some of his reflections. His reflection included remembering milestones and major moments in his life. One included the day he knew he wanted to marry his wife (a happy moment) and another milestone of when he struggled with a career change (not so happy at the time). Baby Shark struggled with making a career change following so much commitment and investment into his legal career. He knew he needed a change, but didn’t just want to make a change for the sake of simply making a change. He decided to make his change with a purpose. His new job and career he was going to take a different approach. He would focus on accountability and leadership. It was one of the best moves he ever made and he encouraged those contemplating change to reflect and make the change with a purpose. If today is the day you decide to make a change, no matter how big or how small, make that change with a purpose.


BabyShark ended with a prayer.





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