It was hot. Like 76 degrees. Barely any breeze. Halleck Park, Papillon, NE

5:00 PreRun: JeanClaude, Trench, Swiper, TatorTot, Ferdinand, Finkle, BoilingPoint, HighLife, Skittles, Firewalker. Apologies if I missed anyone!

5:30 Running Pax: TonyTheTiger, Knobs, EarTag, Schrute, HighLife, Skittles, BoilingPoint, TatorTot, KOA, Schnapps, Feeney, G-Rooney, SqueakyClean, Haggis, Ferdinand, AnimalHouse, Trench, Swiper, TheBigOne, Firewalker

At precisely the right time, 5:30am CST, FW welcomed the pax to F3, the Sandlot and F3Omaha’s Premier Running AO! FW covered the 3 F’s, the mission of F3, and its core principles flawlessly. He informed the pax we’d be keeping things simple today – 20 minutes out and 20 minutes back, straight up and down Lincoln Street. Some ran fast. Some ran not as fast. Pace didn’t matter. The mumblechatter, the 2nd F was in full swing and dudes were ‘bout to sweat a lot! For those keeping track at home – 4.5miles. Tator confirmed “this was no joke” and continued mumbling something about Bubbles, Paradise, Coupons…. Awful….. he trailed off…… someone please check on Tator for me please!

Turning and running back to the east, the morning gloom and sunrise didn’t disappoint! Heck, you near the highest point in the metro! Come check it out sometime!

Pax returned to the shovel flag, a count off ensued. 22 was the final tally.

We completed Name-a-Rama. Swiper swiped the camera. FW asked for announcements. Someone said, “you tell us….” So, FW proceeded forward with his COT….

Circle of Trust as written and read by FW until relief was provided by TatorTot.

In many ways, the Sandlot began as a PreRun. PreRunning before workouts. It turned into some thing that just was now, a matter of fact for F3Omaha sites. Take a look around F3 Nation and there are PreRuns, there are Running AO’s. But there is only one Sandlot. The PREMIER RUNNING AO of F3Omaha!

Allow me to take you back for a minute or two. To December 2019. A handful of Pax signed up for the May 2020 Lincoln Half Marathon. We were looking to add some additional mileage as we prepared to the race. FUNFact: The Sandlot didn’t start here…. At Halleck Park. No, in fact it was Lake Zorinski – in Freaken Frozen February – it was “Fricken FreeIng Mr. Bigglesworth!”

I remember many Tuesday mornings when our breath was the warmest thing we’d see… until that cup of hot coffee awaiting me on my way home – often too hot to touch or drink for awhile!

Thursdays were always tough for the “SarpyCoPax”. We could drive up to Futurarama or out to The Maize. Thursdays for me had become the occasional #SmartSack. Either way, a big time and drive commitment to wherever my post would be. In the end, I’ll always blame Crawl who said, let’s just meet at the Pit on Thursdays and run. So we did. Three miles out and backs on the trail -6 total. Little concerns for formalities, time, core principles or even naming and FNG (Nancy). But soon, as more guys showed up and the concept of FreedToLead turned into a POP Up AO and eventually a plan to launch on July 23, 2020. Then just a few days after my 1-year F3 Anniversary – we lunched. It was great!

(Insert a minute or two, maybe more of FW trying to keep it together……. It didn’t work.)

Fast forward well over one year since we first met. Standing here, in this same place. There is absolutely NO WAY I could have ever imagined this group of high impact men standing beside me. Men that 2 years ago, 1 year ago and even 3 months ago I had never met. Yet today, I consider all of you some of my closest friends and brothers. This is just One of the places where #SarpySwagger Lives, Grows and will continue to be felt and experienced by the Pax of F3Omaha. Any who choose to post here.

In HighSchool, I had a favorite basketball T-shirt that I would wear as often as I could. It was my Northwest Iowa FastBreak Tournament tee (it was supposed to be white but it was more cream than anything because it had been washed so often). The quote on the back it said “Give it up, you’ll get it back”.

If I’ve learned one thing over the last two years during F3 it’s about what it means to be selfless. To think of myself less and others more. I’m still working this. To pick up the 6, encourage and lift up those who need it, To celebrate (and commiserate) with the FNGs on their first post. But more importantly it’s been my hope that they leave their first workout feeling connected and knowing that F3 doesn’t want anything FROM them, rather it’s something we long FOR them. To feel and be connected into a community of men and leaders that want nothing but the best for one another – regardless of what we’re going or have been through.

This is just a small piece of what I have learned during my time plugged into F3. It is what I hope for the Pax, both now and in the future – that they will feel welcomed and know we will welcome them back over and over again.

“Give it up, you’ll get it back.” F3 has a unique leadership structure in that leaders pass the torch/shovel flags on to new leaders. Change is good. It’s healthy. It’s necessary. And it’s important to live out our mission to invigorate Male Community Leadership. Today, I am beyond proud to stand here with my brother KOA and to pass this shovel flag which represents your leadership and influence that you have for this pax and future pax of F3!

FunFact: June 10th was also the day Tator introduced me to Portrait Mode on my phone. Prior this, BeastMode was all I knew. For anyone interested, please check with Tator for options for optimizing your camera usage. Except you Gunner, don’t ever change!



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