Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 | Top Rope | 72 degrees, partly cloudy, gorgeous sunrise

PAX- Barndoor, Slick, Convoy, Rollbar, Panty Hose, Brad Pitt, Bear Grylz, Ketchup, Armbar, Wide Right, Sister Act, Dr. Thunder, Tugboat, Cutting Edge, Super Tasty,  Theraband, Patchy Adams, Flanders, Huffy, Mother Goose

Q: Roadhouse

It was a beautiful morning and I pulled into the lot around 4:30 AM. It had been a while since I had been at Top Rope and I was anxious and excited. I love this site and always want to make it and Armbar proud. I did a tiny bit of setup and headed back to the parking lot.

I was met by Convoy, Panty Hose and Barndoor for a pre-run. It proved much harder than usual. Not sure if that was because the humidity or the tough workouts the last couple of days. We hustled back to the shovel flag and a crowd was starting to form.

By 5:30 we were at 20 total HIMs. Ready to take on the gloom. I stumbled through the F3 intro, the 5 core principles and the mission. And with that… we moseyed.

We ran across the street to the parking lot and circled up for some warm-a-rama.


Silent SSH’s (Jumping Jacks) 15 IC (+ 5 burpees… Dammit)

Big Ones 10 count

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

After warm-a-rama, we moseyed back to the school and lined up on the south side. It was time for some wall work.


10 Donkey kicks

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

Wall sit 40 count

After conquering the south wall, we headed to the west wall. And repeat.

10 Donkey kicks

10 chicken peckers

5 Australian mt climbers

Wall sit 40 count

Once the west wall was ours, the North wall was calling. We moseyed over.

10 Donkey kicks

5 chicken peckers

5 Australian mt climbers

I asked for two ten counts to catch our breath and then asked the group to partner up for the Thang. We were going to grind.


We’re going to do a 2-man tag team grinder today.

Partner up. One guy will do exercises while the other guy runs to the front of the school and does set of 15 Dips, 15 Derkins and 10 side hops over the bar   

The other guy will do the list of exercises in AMRAP until the other guy returns

Squat Jump Reaches

Starfish Crunches

Carolina Dry Docks

Copperhead squats


Air Presses

Bonnie Blairs

Heals to Heaven

Alt shouler taps

Monkey Humpers  

Dying Cocks

OverHead Claps

The Q was gassed so Omaha was called. We moseyed to the flags and circled up. I asked our man Mother Goose to lead us in an exercise he brought back from F3 JAX. It is called Guantanamo Bay. PAX lied on their backs in a circle with feet facing out.  They were instructed to hold their feet up to waist height, while one-by-one every member would mosey around and push their feet down.  They were to try not to let their feet hit the ground. 

We closed with Hammers. Rancid Style.


Guantanamo Bay- Mother goose

American Hammer – Rancid Style 21

Name-a-rama was smooth and we moved to announcements and prayers.


Mother Goose is now offering the Rosary after the Spike on Fridays. Very cool Goose. That is why you get 2 flags…


Tugboats friend had triplets this week. Keep the babes and the parents in your prayers.

Super Tasty witnessed an awful accident this week. Keep both the family and Super Tasty in your thoughts and prayers. We love you tasty.


As I prepared to Q at Top Rope in the final month of ArmBar’s reign as Q, I reflected on the impact he has had on F3 Omaha. Top Rope was the first new site that I experienced as a member of F3 and to see how ArmBar went about it was inspiring. It was his baby and he poured everything he had into it.

It got me thinking about the word passion. So, I hit up the old google machine and this is what I found.

Passion is more than just enthusiasm or excitement, passion is ambition that is materialized into action to put as much heart, mind body and soul into something as is possible.

This hit me. Passion is not just being excited about something. It is working hard for it and living it in everything that you do. It takes work. And that is exactly what Armbar has done here at Top Rope.

I challenge you to reflect this week about what your passionate about and ask yourself- am I working for this? Or just excited about it?

Love you ArmBar and Love you F3 Omaha!


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