PAX: Beta Max, Sweet Roll, Blue Chip, Greasefire, Scout, Fiddler, Wentworth, Jeeves, Edison, Cabernet, Spacebar, Z-bo, Beeps, Favre, Spreadsheet, Dollface, Buns of Steel, Othello, Stella, U-Haul, Sportiva, McEnroe, Black Flag, Lucky Charms, Brazilian, Borland, Frosty, Samples, Patton, Skyhawk, Dome

Q: Golden Pike

Warmarama: 15x Big Ones IC, 15x Tappy Taps IC, 16x Side-straddle Hops IC


1 and 2 group count off. Group 1 starts at station #1. Group 2 was the push group.

Station #1 :

  • Pulling up the pants (20x)
  • Curls (20x)
  • Flies (20x)
  • Skullcrushers (20x)

Rinse and repeat

Mosey to station #1 when push group comes.

Station #2:

  • Shoulder press to Station #3

Station #3 

  • Bicep curls to Station #4

Station #4 

  • Shoulder shrugs to Station #1

The Thang:

Two-man grinder

PUSH = Burpees over the wall


  • Lawnmower pulls (100x)
  • Big boys (100x)
  • Goblet squats (100x)
  • Weight punches (or arm extensions) (100x)
  • American hammers (100x)
  • Austin ass-kickers (100x)
  • Merkins (100x)

Rinse and repeat


20x Australian snow angels IC (Beta Max) 

American Hammers (Rancid Style)


3rd F opportunity this Friday at North Star.

Current round of Queen Service is underway!

Prayer requests:

Jeeves has a friend who just had a baby. Praying for their health and wellbeing.


I talked about how I started F3 4 months ago and I thought one day it might be nice to Q, but not until I’m under a certain weight. I have this fear of failure that makes me not want to fail in front of people, so I wanted to be so fit that I just rocked everything.

But then I went on vacation and I backtracked on my weight loss. I wasn’t going to reach my goal as soon as I had hoped. People still encouraged me to get out and VQ. Spacebar had an opening at Heavy Metal and I was going back and forth in my mind about “should I wait or just do it”, but I decided to just do it. I spent a lot of time putting the workout together because I didn’t want to let anyone down.

Turns out that I was worried about nothing. I had been vulnerable and put myself out to lead and everyone was great today. I saw people struggling as much as I was with the workout and I didn’t feel bad anymore. So F3 is one of the safest places to fail and be vulnerable. Don’t let your fear of failure and exposure to others stop you from accelerating.

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