June 15, 2021|AO- Colosseum|mid-70s but humid

29 PAX: Sportiva, Scrunchy, Khakis (Respect), Tortuga (Respect), Greek Freak, Bear Grylls, Dr. Thunder, Spacebar, Flanders, Stella, Bloodshot, Tin Cup, Fiddler (Respect Respect), Tenderfoot, Super Tasty, Safe Ride, Tugboat, Cabernet (FNG), Edison, Scout, Samples (Respect), Loveseat, Sven, Jeeves (Respect), No Doze, Chiclets (Respect), Honey Stinger, Brazilian, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning, principles and mission of F3 and gave disclaimer; had an FNG named Colby

Moseyed around the south soccer goal and back near the north endzone for Warm-o-rama:

15 Tappy Taps IC

12 Big Ones IC

15 Cherry Pickers IC

12 Tempo Merkins IC

15 Monkey Humpers IC

The PAX were instructed line up along the endzone for the Pre-Thang:

-Run the length of the field, stopping every 10 yards for a Burpee, hold Al Gore to the 6.

-100 yard accelerator on the way back, start with a mosey and work up to a sprint at the 30 yard line, sprint to the opposite 30 and coast into the endzone, hold plank to the 6

-Run the length of the field, stopping every 10 yards for a Hydraulic Squat, hold Al Gore to the 6

-100 yard sprint Braveheart style- yelling the whole way

We then counted off by 4’s to create 4 groups for the Thang:

3 Pain Stations along the west sideline at the 20, 50 and 20 yard lines with one push group:

  1. Station 1
    1. 30 Copperhead Squats IC
    1. 30 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
    1. 30 Heel Touches IC
    1. AMRAP Air Squats until pushed
  2. Station 2
    1. 30 Carolina Dry Docks
    1. 30 LBC’s IC
    1. 30 Bonnie Blair’s IC
    1. AMRAP Merkins until pushed
  3. Station 3
    1. 30 Dying Cockroaches IC
    1. 30 Bobby Hurley’s
    1. 30 Makhtars IC
    1. AMRAP Big Boys until pushed
  4. Push Group- run across field and up the stadium stairs, do 4 burpees as a group, run back down the stairs and across the field to push station 1

6:00- Omaha call; each group had hit all stations twice; went to northwest corner of the field for Mary:

  • Most of the groups had not gotten to the AMRAP exercises as the PAX were motivated and pushed quickly, so we did…
    • 30 Merkins
    • 30 Air Squats
    • 30 Big Boys
  • Then to finish it off with a little core/stretch combo, we did about a minute of plank/downward dog flow of 10 seconds each

Name-o-rama and count off:

-Our FNG (Colby) came to the middle of the circle and we found out a little bit about him.  He played Soccer at York high school, works as an electrician, and has a newborn.  He then needed to remove himself fearing he would splash Merlot.  So we named him while he was being tended to by Edison.  Options included Duke or The Duke for York’s mascot, so we thought about John Wayne roles.  The fact that we were naming him while he was potentially splashing Merlot was too good to pass up on, so Jeeves threw out Cabernet and that was it.

No announcements, one prayer request for friends of Jeeves that are having their first child today in a miracle fashion.

COT- The Presupposition

As a proud graduate of Creighton Prep and near lifelong student of Jesuit education, I thought it best to use some St. Ignatius while standing on Westside’s field.  I admitted to the PAX that I’ve been sitting on this COT idea for a while but felt like I couldn’t really offer it as advice when I have not been good at following it lately.  Swallowing my pride, though, and admitting it was something I needed to work on, I decided today was the day to share it.

As part of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, he offers what is referred to as the Presupposition.  https://trinity.org/ignatian-spirituality/ignatian-spirituality-resources/the-ignatian-presupposition/ It is a guide for engaging in potential argument or conflict between a spiritual director and the retreatant but YHC believes it is a good approach to conflict anywhere in life- with your M, kids, or at work.  Here it is:

“… it should be presupposed that every good Christian ought to be more eager
to put a good interpretation on a neighbor’s statement than to condemn it.
Further, if one cannot interpret it favorably, one should ask how the other means it.
If the meaning is wrong, one should correct the person with love;
if this is not enough, one should search out every  appropriate means through which,
by understanding the statement in a good way, it may be saved.”

In more simple language, what St. Ignatius prescribes for discussions which may lead to conflict or differing opinions is to do the following:

  1. Give the other the benefit of the doubt;
  2. Ask clarifying questions when unsure about the position of the other;
  3. Correct the other with love, when necessary; and
  4. Search for mutually acceptable solutions.

I shared with the PAX that I have struggled with conflict at work lately with my superiors and colleagues.  As an athletic director, I sometimes become frustrated when decisions which seem easy for me to come to for the benefit of athletics get questioned, over-analyzed, or even shot down.  I want so badly just to say, “hey, you don’t know as much about high school sports as I do… just trust me and let me do my job.”  I need to learn to give the other the benefit of the doubt that they are not trying to create obstacles for me, I need to be better about asking questions and communicating better on the front end, I need to correct with love and allow myself to be corrected with love and be better at compromising.  My focus is a narrow one- athletics- whereas those I sometimes conflict with have many more balls to juggle and a larger view of impacts across the entire school community.  It is something I’m working on and encouraged the PAX to do the same.

I led us out in a prayer of gratitude and an Our Father.

Cheers and SYITG!

-Mother Goose

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