15 June 2021

AO: The Trident

Weather: Partly Cloudy, 70 degrees

PAX (21): Wentworth, Room Service, Big One, Saul, Convoy, Birdman, LPC, Retweet, Nailed It, Wide Right, Slow Pitchhaaaah, Short Sale, Biff, Chucky, Italian Job, Grease Fire, Cataracts, Roll Bar, Bubbles, Roadhouse  

QIC: Pantyhose

Pre-run (11): Cataracts, Roadhouse, Pantyhose, Rollbar, Chucky, Saul, Italian Job, Bubbles, Slow Pitch, Grease Fire, Big One

YHC made the trek to the Tri-Faith campus, pulling in to the Temple Israel parking lot about 0445. It was minimal setup for the beatdown…four cones, one in each corner, of the east lot. Easily the quickest setup in YHC’s F3 career. With the cones set, he drove up to the AO to find Roadhouse and Cataracts already parked in the lot. It was 0447 and there were already 3 PAX present for the pre-run.

Fellow PAX continued to filter in when out of the gloom Italian Job emerged from his two-week hiatus. The pre-run PAX slow clapped him in…deep down he appreciated it…we know he did. He explained to the pre-run PAX that he had a fight with a chainsaw…he certainly came out victorious, but not without injury. A handful of stiches to repair the gash on his shin, along with some R&R, and IJ is back in action. Welcome back brother!

Pre-runners departed promptly at 0500 and went along their merry way. One of the many benefits of The Trident is that it provides options for varying levels of pre runners. YHC and Cataracts arrived back at the shovel flags at 0524 to the PAX forming. YHC welcomed the PAX at 0530, recited the 3F’s, mission statement, five core principals, and disclaimer. The PAX circled up in the grass for warm-o-rama.

Warm – o – Rama (#1)

  • SSH x 5 IC

The PAX moseyed east around Scooters to Sterling Ridge Drive, through the two roundabouts and took a left down Faith Plaza, eventually making their way to the Temple Israel parking lot. Upon departing the shovel flags, YHC overheard a few fellow PAX members mumbling about the lack of exercises for warm o rama. YHC would make a quick decision to extend the warm o rama once the PAX arrived at the parking lot. After all, YHC is always accommodating.

After the ½-mile mosey to the parking lot, the PAX circled up on the south end of the lot for the impromptu warm o rama #2.

Warm – o – Rama #2

  • SSH x 20 IC

YHC had the PAX count off into groups of five, then quickly assemble into their groups for the instructions to the Thang. The beat down would be very simple: 2 stations, one at the south end of the lot and the other at the north end of the lot; 2 exercises – Burpees and Merkins, remain in your groups for the entirety.

The Thang

  • 11s (total of 11 reps each round)
  • South Station: Burpees
  • North Station: Merkins IC
  • Start with 10 Burpees at the south station, then Bernie Sanders (backpedal) to the north station for 1 merkin (IC), mosey back to south station. 9 Burpees, backpedal to north station, 2 merkins (IC), etc.

The in cadence merkins were a special treat…a sneaky way to get in some extra merkins. The PAX continued until Omaha was called at 0558. PAX made the ½-mile mosey back to the shovel flags for a true 6MOM.


  • LBCs – 15 IC
  • Plank Jacks – 15 IC
  • Nolan Ryan – 10 each side
  • Flutter Kicks – 15 IC
  • Heels to Heaven – 15 IC
  • Big Boy Situps – 15
  • American Hammers – Rancid style IC (21 IC)


  • Pantyhose put in a plug for the Break the Cycle 200 bike ride, a one day, 200-mile bike ride. This is the inaugural year for the Omaha to Okoboji ride, which raises money and awareness to fight human trafficking. Nine riders are currently signed up to depart at 0500 on Friday, June 25. They will meet up with about 40 riders who will depart from Des Moines at the same time and the full group will finish the last half of the ride together, rolling into Arnolds Park sometime between 6-8 pm. Collectively the group has raised about $150k this year.  https://breakthecycle200.com/


  • Roadhouse’s friends mother (Melissa)
  • Short Sale’s Sister (Lindsey) recently had a stroke
  • Italian Job’s niece is heading to Marine boot camp
  • Nailed It’s 2.0 is turning 10 today


A brief COT about how you respond when someone asks you, “How’s it going?” or “How’s your day?”. I participated in a leadership and public speaking course a number of years ago and one of the first things we talked about was this very response. The gentleman that led the course said his standard response is: “Great!”. He encouraged everyone to try it…the next time someone asked this question, instead of responding with “OK”, “Good”, or “So, so”, try responding with “Great!”.

In the context of everything around us, we can be Great. Yes, everyone has their ups and downs…good days and not so good days…but when you respond this way (with Great!) it generally improves the conversation and the attitude of those around you. Instead of dwelling on the apparent not so good, it instantly moves the conversation in a positive direction.

So, as you go about your day, your week, just give it a try.



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