PAX: (13) Convoy, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat, Speed Square, Nugget, Pothole, Mudflap, Oasis, Slick, Yodel, Tonight Show, Fine Print, Lemon Law

Q: Lemon Law


The Pax Moseys to the far baseball field for Warm-a-rama

SSH x 15 IC

Sun Gods x 10IC forward and reverse

Windmills x 10 IC

Rippers x 10 IC

Burpees x 5 OYO

Pre Thang:

Bruce Lee’s- 3 sets, each exercise x 10 IC PAX went around circle leading each exercise

Hammer, Leg Raises, LBC’s, Heel Touches, Crunchy Frogs

The Thang-Old Fashioned 3 man grinder

Station 1: At the Picnic tables, AMRAP exercise until pushed

Hand Release Merkins, Dry Docks, Mountain Climbers, Dips, Merkins, Amazing Spider Man’s, Alt Shoulder Taps

Station 2: Maintenance Shed, AMRAP exercise until Pushed

Monkey Humpers, Copperhead Squats, Lunges, Side Squats, Reverse Lunges, Bobby Hurleys, Imperial Walkers

Group 3: run between the 2 stations you are the push group

After making it through the list almost twice Omaha was called and PAX moseyed to the basketball court for Mary

6 Minutes of Mary:

One more set of Bruce Lee’s to finish out the Beatdown


F3 is about all 3 F’s not just one. It’s great if you’ve gotten faster or stronger posting in the gloom but if you’re still a jerk, you’ve only become a faster jerk.

2nd F- how is your fellowship? are you able to open up to your friends, about the good and the bad? Are you willing to listen to your friends when they have problems?

3rd F- How is your Service? Has your Leadership Improved? Are your wife, kids, family, neighbors, community benefiting from your leadership?

Take some time today to think how you’ve improved your 2nd and 3rd F, and think about how you can keep improving both.



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