6/11/21, 5:30am, The Brickyard, Stinson Park Omaha NE

Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: Huffy, Toadstool, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Lucky Charms, Brazilian, AP (down range Seattle, welcome), Edison, Ponzi, Chicklets(respect), Khakis(respect), Stella, Safe Ride, Brick, Ruxpin, Wide Right, Polaroid, Beebs, Folsom, Drone Strike, Saul, Bovine, Space Bar, welcome FNG Cavalier

5:30am-Greetings, mission statement, core principals, welcome AP from down range Seattle and FNG Jacob who was forced to attend by Toadstool

The PAX takes off on a Rifle carry with coupons above their heads to circle up in the middle of the grass in front of the stage for WOR

WOR: goof balls -15IC, Sun Gods/calf raise-10IC, Tappy taps-12IC, High knees -15IC, Bobby Hurleys-15, monkey jumpers-15IC

Stinger, keeping the PAX in a circle took the PAX through a series of coupon action that included.

Block Merkins-15, block mountain climbers-15IC, curls-15, overhead press-15, Bent over rows-15, block press-20, block big boys-15, block pickle pushers-15.

Stinger then informed the PAX to rifle carry their coupons to the stage. The PAX then partnered up and moseyed towards the brick wall by the playground. The PAX fears came to fruition.

Stinger Hops: 5 hops over while partner does AMRAP air squats then switches to SSHs. After 5 hops the partners switch. After a solid 9min of strait Stinger wall hops Omaha was called and the PAX was informed to mosey towards midfield where Stinger had a two man grinder set up. A counting tally of the following exercises were for the team. Merkins-75, Jump Tucks-50, Big Boys-50, 50 LBCsIC, Carolina DD-50, Monkey Hump-50IC, Flutter Kicks-50IC, The other partner was sent to the stage where they were instructed to do the first of the following exercises. Overhead press-12, Curls-15, Bent over Rows-15. There was 1 more instruction. Every PAXmen was asked to sing a verse or line from a favorite song before the exercises where over. Folsom hopped at the opportunity and belted out a verse from “Alive” by Pearl Jam from the breakout 1990 Album 10. This very much pleased the Stinger who loves him some Pearl Jam. Folsom falls short of Eddie Vedder but the effort was appreciated. At 5:58 Stinger calls Omaha and divides the PAX into 2 teams to finish off with a bit of ultimate Frisbee. Lucky Charms can Polaroid are men who know how to wing a frisbee. The star of the game was Chiclets who made an amazing all out effort diving catch in the end zone! The team who gave up the touchdowns was made to complete 10 burpees.

6:05-Omaha was called and the PAX circles up once again in front of the stage for 6MM. Flutter kicks-15IC, Low Dolly-20 and the PAX end with 25 American Hammers Rancid Style.

Announcements. All about the F3 Foundation and Brickbuilder event !!

Prayers-that’s between the PAX and Sky Q

COT: On my 3 year anniversary I really wanted to get 3 points across. 1. Thank you PAX of F3 Omaha. Ive leaned into you and you have leaned back into me. 2. I truly believe that the Sky Q puts people, places and things in front of us every so often. Good people who are doing good things that he wants us to check out and pursue. These are great opportunities and gifts from the Sky Q that most of us miss. We miss them because we are wrapped up in our own BS. Work stress, online social distractions, anxiety about things that really aren’t that important. The Stinger is forever great full that I didn’t miss my F3 opportunity and that I walked through that door that the Sky Q opened. 3. After some reflection, one reason that I have grown to love and fully buy into F3 is because I have looked my entire life for organizations, business, people and institutions who have core values in place but actually LIVE and ACT on them. Ive worked for well known global, billion dollar companies that I never fully bought into because they don’t live and act on their core values. F3 Omaha takes their core values very seriously and acts on them. And that is something i can buy into. Thank you once again PAX of F3 Omaha. This Stinger is and will remain YHC. Cheers. Love. SYITG

Honey Stinger

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