PAX: (14) Strokes, Convoy, Tonight Show, Hard Hat, Good Life, Speed Square, Lemon Law, Dr. Thunder, FNG Bo, (Mahomes), Slick, Professor, Grease Fire, Lincoln Logs, and Crab Cakes

Q: Crab Cakes

Greeting: Crab Cakes welcomes the Pax and a beautiful and warm Saturday morning, goes over the core principles and the disclaimer and welcomes FNG, Bo. We then do a short Mosey to begin Warma-a Rama.

Warm-A-Rama- Hold air chair through out the routine 20 of each IC of Cherry Pickers, Sun Gods, Over head claps, Moroccan night clubs, and seal claps. The Q yells recover to give the legs a quick break before we finish out warm-a-rama with 15 each IC Tappie Taps, Tater Taps, SSH and tempo Merkins.

Pre Thang– do a quick mosey over to the high school parking lot for line drill race. After dividing into 2 groups we begin the 2 race heats

Sprint forward, shuffle on the parking lot line back peddle then sprint forward again and repeat always staying on the paint. With any good competition their is a prize, winners get 5 burpees loser’s get 10. After the 2nd heat ends in a tie the Q determines everyone loses in a tie so all do 10 burpee’s

The Thang– 4 corners

The Pax breaks into 4 groups with group 1 being the push station

Group 1: LBC’s 25 IC, Flutter Kicks 25 IC, E2K x 20 ea leg, and Heel Touches 25 IC

Group 2: AMRAP exercise till pushed, Round 1- Copper head squats, 2- Monkey Humpers, 3 Lt Dan’s

Group 3: AMRAP exercise till pushed, Round 1- Merkin, 2- Nerkin, 3 Werkin

Group 4 AMRAP exercise till pushed, Round 1- Bobby Hurly, 2- Burpee, 3- Bonnie Blairs

After the 1st station takes way too long the Q calls a quick audible to break the push group into just 2 exercises off the list. After suffering through the 4 corners 3 times it is time to call OMAHA and head back to the shovel flags

6MOM: We circle up for a quick bit of Mary,

15x IC Windshield wipers

15 x ic Freddie Mercury

28 IC American Hammers Rancid style

COT: We do prayer requests and announcements, Praying for Lincoln Log’s Daughter as she recovers from surgery, Lemon law does a shout out for the Brick builder event and fund raiser, also announces next week Dragon’s Lair will be at 7am and be a 2.0 style workout to celebrate fathers day. Crab cakes does a quick COT of finding time for silence and solitude in out busy life’s to help connect us to our faith. With that we do a quick prayer and wrap up the beat down.

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