AO: The Coop

Q: Pony Express

Pax: Huffy, Toadstool, Swinger, Jack Rabbit, Wide Ride, Brazilian, Convoy, Samples (Respect!), Scrunchie, Edison, Bunz of Steel, Landsberry, Tugboat

Weather: Humid as balls…

The Site Q, Toadstool, did an amazing job reminding Pony Express that he was on the Q Thursday (thanks Toadstool). Pony took some time the night before to plan the workout with his M in anticipation of Thursday morning.

At 5:30 Pony greeted 13 PAX to F3 Omaha and went over the mission, 5 core principals, and disclaimer before heading out to Warm-A-Rama at the soccer field.

WARM-A-RAMA: Consisted of Pony starting the Pax off with Side Straddle hops and calling on members of the Pax to assist in leading an exercise. (Thanks Toadstool, Convoy, Huffy, Samples & Wide Right)

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Pickle Pushers
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps (some type of Huffy high speed)
  • Tappy Taps
  • Goof Balls
  • Sun Gods

The THANG: The Pax were split into teams of 2 and completed five rounds that consisted of Merkins, Air Squats, and LBC’s before running a hill and back to the start (1.5 miles total). Each round the number of reps would decrease by ten. (I.e. round 1 [50 Merkins, 50 Air Squats, 50 LBCs] round 2 [40 Merkins, 40 Air Squats, 40 LBCs]).

COT: Pony Express shared a mantra that his old coach used to say, “Attack the Hill.” The workout was focused on multiple rounds of running from the base of the hill to the top, with each round being harder than the last. The hill is a metaphor for life’s obstacles and Pony Express left the PAX with a reminder to Attack the Hill!

Always so honored to lead these amazing men.

Giddy Up,
-Pony Express

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