The Combine Backblast: 1,000 Reps of Fun

June 4, 2021

24 PAX: Sparty, Gator, Pantyhose, Barn Door, Nailed It, Blades of Glory, Convoy, Roll Bar, Arm Bar, Thomas, Hawg, Mufasa, Thor, Second Chance, Hard Hat, Beaver, Kill Switch, Slick, Oasis (FNG), Chucky, Speed Square, Magic, Skipper

Q: Birdman

Pax gathered at 5:30. Birdman welcomed the Pax, gave mission statement, reviewed the 5 core principles and gave the disclaimer.

Unbeknownst to the Pax, Birdman did not have a warm-a-ramaplanned so he was operating off the cuff. As Birdman started to mosey with the Pax he noticed the side of the school building looked very welcoming. At that point he knew there would be a stop for warm a rama for a little balls to the wall. Prior to that, Birdman gathered the Pax in a circle for some warm a ramaexercises including: sun gods, big ones, side straddle hops and merkins. At that point the body was warm and it was time for a little balls to the wall.

Pax formed a line against the wall and counted off to sixty while in balls to the wall position. Birdman called for the Pax to rest after the first 60 count then instructed the Pax to re-assume the position for a second 60 count. A question was asked from one Pax member, “Is this really warm-a-rama?” The answer was, “Yes!”

After the second 60 count Pax mosey’d to the south side of the school where they were instructed that this workout would be 1,000 reps on their own. A sheet was provided to each Pax member with the exercises and number of reps. The first 500 were as follows:

2 rounds of the following:

10 Burpees

20 Hand Release Merkins

30 Squats

40 Mountain Climbers

40 Dying cockroaches

50 Side Straddle Hops

60 Plank Jacks

Pax were instructed to plank or Al Gore until all completed the first 500 reps. However, as true HIMs do, upon completion each Pax member joined another Pax member who was still working to finish their reps. HIM!!!

After the six was in, Pax mosey’d to the football field where they completed the last 500 reps as follows:

2 rounds of the following:

10 Jump tucks

20 Carolina Dry docks

30 Dips

40 Step Ups

40 Freddie Mercury’s

50 One leg lunges (25 each leg)

60 Alternating Shoulder Taps

Once again, Pax joined in with others to help pick up the 6. It was awesome to see!

Omaha was called after the Pax were finished. Pax mosey’dback to shovel flags and completed rancid style American Hammers for Mary.

Announcements: Brickbuilder event on 6/12, family gathering at Stinson Park on 6/11.

COT: YHC had been at Tater Tot’s home a few days prior and noticed a wonderful message hanging in Tater’s home. The message read as follows: “Some kids are smarter than you, some kids have cooler clothes than you, some kids are better at sports than you. it doesn’t matter. You have your thing too. Be the kid who can get along. Be the kid who is generous. Be the kid who is happy for other people. Be the kid who does the right thing. Be the nice kid. – Bryan Skavnak”.

Even though the message is meant for kids, YHC asked the Pax to substitute the word “kids” for “adults” “men” or “human beings.” What a wonderful message for all of us…to be grateful for the God-given gifts and talents that we possess and are able to give to the world and to always remember to be the “nice” guy. You never know what someone is going through. Always try to do the right thing and be the nice guy!



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