The Brickyard AO | Stinson Park | 65 deg

Q’s: Smashmouth & Bloodshot

Pax: Lucky Charms, Beeps, Vanilla Ice, Bovine, Dog House, Columbo, Ketchup, E85, Tater Tot, Big Sky, Blackjack, No Doze, Gobbler, Ruxpin.

Smashmouth and bloodshot tag teamed the mission of F3, 5 core principles, and disclaimer. We circled up right there for warmarama.


20 SSH

15 Tappy Taps

20 Mountain Climbers

15 Low Dolly’s

15 Freddy Mercury’s

The Thang

PAX organized into groups of 4-5.

The field was set as a baseball diamond. The following exercises were to be done with a coupon:

Home plate: 5 blockees

First base: 30 curls

Second base: 30 squats

Third base: 30 shoulder press

Traveling from Home to 1st base, and from 2nd to third base by way of murder bunnies. From 1st to 2nd base and from 3rd to Home plate by Rifle carry. After rounding home plate each group circled a lap around the AO. Groups completed 4-5 cycles each in 25 minutes and recovered for 12 minutes of wiffle ball.

Team Smashmouth vs team Bloodshot. Batting team performed various exercises in the dugout SSH, Goofballs, PAX’s choice. Fielding team did a core exercise- gas pumpers, plank, PAX’s choice. Smashmouth’s team won but we all won some 2nd F on a Friday morning at the Brickyard.

COT: Smashmouth expressed the challenges of teaching third grade during COVID and overcoming obstacles to form a learning connection with his students. Several of his students are 2.0s and leaning into the PAX has helped through the difficult school year. Bloodshot recalled his 2 year F3 path so far and summarized it as creating good habits while destroying bad ones…harness good, block bad. Both are thankful for the fellowship.

-SYITG Bloodshot

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