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(V)Q : Tuner

PAX: Sporteeva, Smashmouth, Fudd, Hoosegow, Tater Tot, (FNG) Squirt, Nemo, Wentworth, Sister Act, Bear Grylls, Dr Thunder, Khakis, Pony express, Golden Pike, Patton, Wide Right, Folsom, Zbo, Rollbar, Black Flag, Romeo, Beaver, Spacebar, Biff, IceT, Chlorophyll, Mother Goose, Bloodshot.

VQ excitement derailed the reciting of the disclaimer, mission, and 5 core principles, but the were revisited throughout the workout verbally.

The Thang:

5 stations around a field, 2 teams.  Go around the stations twice.  Each team was given a sled that was 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, made of wood.  To start, there were 10 coupons on each sled.  When we began, each team picked up their sled and they had to carry it for the rest of the beat down.  At each station the group would 1) hold the sled, 2) take one coupon to the center of the field and do 5 blockees, 3) complete an exercise.  The ways that a coupon was moved from the stations to the center was 1) murder bunny, 2) rifle carry, 3) curl/press, 4) team carry (3 or more teammates pass the coupon to each other) and 5) coupon roll.  The exercises we completed were merkens, dry docks, freddy mercury, big boy sit ups, shoulder taps, plank jacks, air squats, bobby hurleys, lunges, monkey humpers.  Each team had to complete 650 reps in total.  My intention was that the total number of reps would be the number on a team times 50 reps, but I miscalculated this morning!.  Once they had completed their 650 reps, and the person who took the coupon to the center was back, they went to the next station.  The ultimate goal was to see who could build the tallest towers with their coupons.  It took us about 25 minutes, then we did some Mary and called it a morning.

COT – We often think that what defines strength is how much each of us can do on our own.  We try to handle our marriages, our kids, our work and so much more on our own.  I got this, we think.  I don’t need anyone else.  But that simply isn’t true.  There are things we will be able to do on our own, but the reality is that those who are strongest are the ones who can routinely and honestly say three things: I don’t know, I need help, I’m sorry.  We can’t handle everything on our own, we need other people.  I shaped our beat down today to prove this.  It would be impossible to do this beat down on your own, you had to rely on others to come alongside of you, to help, encourage, and pick you up.  Go this day and remember that you are stronger when you let other people into your life, and learn to honestly say: I don’t know, I need help and I’m sorry.

-Aye Tuner

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