June 8, 2021//Stinson Park//AO-Cornhusker Handicap//Perfect weather

18 Pax: Ruxpin, Beeps, E85, Bovine, Dome, Greasefire, U-Haul, Two-Step, Doll Face, Hipster, Gunner, Vintage, Othello, Chalkboard, Merch, Stitches, Black Jack, Frosty

Q: Frosty

What a glorious morning! We gathered at 5:30, Frosty welcomed the Pax, gave mission statement, reviewed the 5 principles and gave the disclaimer. Frosty reminded everyone they could modify in either direction; simplify the exercises or feel free to push themselves. Either way, we were going to get ourselves ready for poolside by 6:15
Warm O’ Rama
• We mosey’d 1 ½ laps to the Obelisk and spread out tip-to-tip (fingers)
• Each pax lead sets of 10, alternating exercises between SSH and Merkins (so 90 of each)
• We then took another lap

The Thang: Cindy Crawford

Nobody rocks a swimsuit like Cindy Crawford. This workout is designed to get you swimsuit ready, get it? Frosty modified this from the F3 Exicon.
We first counted off into three groups, then energetically charged to do the pre-thang. . . . We then paused, regrouped and counted off into 6 groups of 3 because I guess they just don’t teach counting at LaVista Junior High.
In groups of 3, one runs a lap around Stinson while the other two go through a superset of these exercises:
10 – Dips
15 – Merkins
20 – Monkey Humpers
25 – LBC’s
30 – Calf Raises
Rinse and Repeat
The timing should be about 1 superset per lap. Each Pax should have gotten through at least 4 supersets and at least 2 laps, most got through a little more.

6 MOM; Mary was cut for time, but like Two-Step said, Cindy was enough.
Mumblechatter: YHC appreciated the Pax picking up the 6 when it came to counting, again.
Welcome FNG Chalkboard!!!!
Announcements/Prayer Requests: There is just a lot going on with F3 in the coming weeks. Queens Service is starting up again Friday. See Uhaul or Z-Bo. Brick Builder is Saturday with a family oriented picnic/auction Friday evening. You can still reach out to Sparty and participate Saturday. Should be a great time. Open to the community.
Prayers for Tony Fischer, his family and friends. Tony is 29 years-old, on a ventilator in a medical induced coma.
Prayers for Damon and his son dealing with the loss of their wife/mother
Prayers for Ruxpin who is starting a new job

COT: Ruxpin starting a new job was a perfect segue into today’s COT.
F3’s mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. We do this through fitness, fellowship and faith. What are some qualities of good leaders? The Pax participated with Integrity, flexibility, vision, tact, transparency, consistency.
While I’m not married, I am in a relationship. I’m always ready for changes. New car, new house, et. She has a 2013 Rogue with 150k on it. She still teaches at the same school she student taught at 26 years ago. She is not about change and I am. . . . At least I thought I was.
A little over a year ago, I changed jobs right at the beginning of a pandemic. Challenging. I switched jobs back into the car business in September. It was just ok but I was going to stick with it, then the job I have now came about and I would’ve been an absolute moron not to take it. So I made career move three in one year. With Toadstool’s help, I started driving for the first time in 17 years. Mary and I just bought a house last month and all the while I’m under the impression that I handle change well.
Not true
I get off on the thrill of change so I welcome it. That doesn’t mean I handle change well.
The fact is, between covid and all the other changes my whole routine was shattered. It was easy to be consistent with posting when I rode my bike. I knew exactly where I was going. The closest AO. My schedule was always the same.
With covid and the schedule changes my AA meetings suffered as well.
My point is that my routine being blown up made me more inconsistent than I realized. It made me inconsistent at home. Inconsistent with friends in and out of F3.
Thanks GreaseFire for lovingly pointing this out to me recently. I’m so glad I try to stay honest, open minded and willing to look at myself and change to be the best version of myself
I want to be a person that can be counted on. To do that I have to be consistent.
I also need to rely on my shield lock to let me know I’m not as together as I think I am sometimes. What I need to take a look at and what I need to change.
I need to be consistent if I want to be a high impact man. I need to be consistent if I’m going to be a leader.

Aye- Frosty

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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