06/01/2021, Tuesday, Something like 54F

22 Pax: E-85, Merch, Dollface (rspct), Demagorgan, Tater Tot, Grease Fire, Buns of Steel, Frosty, Nugent, Swinger, Flo, Polaroid, Bubbles, Grillz, Othello 😊, Slow Pitch, John Maaske FNG, Piano Man, Dome, Stitches, American Picker, Two Step

Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX on the North sidewalk of Stinson Park, reminded them of the Fs, stated the mission and listed the “circular” core principles of F3, determined the absence of FNG, and disclaimed his nonprofessional status. Wait, what? FNG showed, welcome John Maaske!

Mosey: to the “nice” astroturf by the dog park north of the Inner Rail.

Warm O’ Rama
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Abe Vigoda Windmills
Cherry Pickers
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps
Side Straddle Hop

Pre-Thang : Crowd Pleaser = combo merkins and groiners, one rep of each, ascending to five reps of each and descending to one.
Captain Thors to 5×20

Mosey back to Stinson Stage

Pax counted into groups of three.
One pax of each group began on stage doing AMRAP of the listed exercises on the stage wienke. Each exercise was AMRAPped until relieved by push runner.
A second pax of each group relocated to the cone in the middle of the stage grass field to begin doing AMRAP of each exercise listed on the wienke.
The push pax ran between the two groups, backward when eastbound, foreward when westbound.
Pax descended the list of exercises on each wienke to the next exercise each time upon returning to that location.

Stage Exercises:
Air Squats
Flutter Kicks
Lunges R leg
Big Boys
Lunges L leg
Freddy Mercuries
Sumo Squats

Field Exercises:
Side Straddle Hop
Diamond Merkins
Bobby Hurleys
Ranger Merkins
High Knees

Post Thang
Absolutions/Irish Two Steps, Rancid Style after Q led a demonstration of the 8-count cadence exercise. Pax completed 13 before the Q called Omaha with his last breath.

6 M of M
Big Boys
American Hammders Rancid Style

Announcements: Brickbuilder 6/12, Family night 6/11

Prayer Requests:
I forgot, respectfully. Thank God He remembers.

The ode’ to mental health Sunday morning pop-up run around Lake Flanagan organized by Birdman a couple weeks ago was a great experience. High impact men shared some great stuff about their own experiences. One thing I wanted to add, still wants to be shared, so I am going to mention  here. You may or may not know, that one of the primary ways depression manifests in dudes is not necessarily sadness or depressed mood, but anger. And depression, mind you, is teratable. Drugs, therapy, group therapy, meeting dudes in the gloom for exerdcise, can all have a significant effect on depression. So, if you feel like you are living in anger, getting pissed off at everything, your M, your 2.0s, your job, or even your site Q, remember that depression is treatable. You don’t have to feel that way all the time.

As I work through my own issues and try to make a better life for myslef, I have come upon some inspiration from an unexpected source. If I could remake myself, right now, it would want to be a lot more like Ted Lasso. Pax quickly indicated maybe half or fewer of them have seen the show. I don’t get in a lot of TV time, so there might be a lot more better stuff out there, but I wholeheartedly endorse watching Ted Lasso. This is a guy who gets used by someone to create a failure that would be hurtful to another person, who happens to be an asshole. So, Ted Lasso gets setup and  dumped on and the shit kinda keeps piling up with unfortunate circumstances. But every time he comes back with a positive attitude. I’ll never be able to come up with the genius one-liners like him, but his positive attitude are infective. He motivates by knowing and loving people and finding out what they love and feeding them exactly that. He is a true HIM, thank you Frosty for pointing that out. So, I suggest giving that show a chance, an opportunity to do similar for you what it just may be doing for me.

Two Step

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