6/5/2021 | The Oracle AO | Aldrich Elementary

PAX: 24 in the Funky Bunch: Gator, Tugboat, Good Life, Merch, Biff, Relish, Grillz, Brazilian, Retweet, Big Sky, Vandelay (R), Cheap Seats, Mother Goose, Chiclets (R), American Picker, Squidward, Davinci (R), Bed Bugs (FNG, Haaate!), Room Service, Two Step, Crockett (DR), Wait Time, Super Tasty, No Doze


QIC: No Doze Weather:  69 and not super humid.  As always, perfect weather for a No Doze Q.


YHC greeted 23 Pax and, given the presence of an FNG, recited the core principles. Gave the disclaimer. Explained that in honor of Marky Mark’s birthday, we were gonna do a theme workout.  The theme being primarily that all of the music would be a Funky Bunch playlist.  


All of this wasted a good 2 minutes of planned running. PAX went on a mosey (Marky Mark shadow boxing encouraged for the duration of the mosey) for 1/3 mile where YHC demonstrated did 10 side-to-side pickle pushers a ‘la the classic Good Vibrations video choreography.  Moseyed ½ mile to the parking lot and did 20 SSH with redbull cadence before another 1/3 miles of moseying to the Thang: 


Pax split into groups of three for a three man grinder with an amazing accompanying playlist including favorites such as: 1. “Music for tha people” 2. “Bout time I funk you” 3. “Get Up (the Funky Bunch Theme)” 4. “On the House Tip” 5. “Make me say ooh!” 


Pax completed following exercises at south end of lot(cumulative): 


100 Bobby Hurleys

200 Mountain climber IC

300 Carolina Dry Docks

200 Air squats

100 burpees


Pax completed following exercises at north end of lot (cumulative)


100 Side to side pickle pushers IC

200  Copperhead squats IC

300  Merkins

200  Freddy Mercuries IC

100 burpees​


Called Omaha after YHC’s group completed about 80 of the last set of burpees and I didn’t feel like finishing.  Led pax under the porte-cochere (right term Vandelay?)for better acoustics and 25 American Hammers IC while contemplating Double M’s messages in “Wildside” (rare instance of the cover being far superior to the original.  Until I see a pic of Lou Reed’s abs whilst wearing Calvinsand Starter jacket with no shirt, then Funky Bunch > Velvet Underground).


Pax remained under the porte-cochere for the grand finale:


Pax listened to arguably the greatest pop-rap/hip-house song ever recorded, Number 27 on Billboard’s Hot 100 of 1991: Good Vibrations.  A song reviewers at the time praised as “aggressively delivered  . . . fairly simplistic, but not comical” and “designed to make yourbehind move . . . and it does”!


Pax shadow boxed until we heard the word “vibrations” and dropped for a burpee.  Approx 25 in all.


No Mary



-Name-o-Rama.  Welcome FNG Bed Bugs (Ben Sheets) !


-Announce-a-Rama: June 11-12 Brickbuilder events – Friday evening at Stinson for Pax, M’s, 2.0s.  Saturday AM at Creighton Prep.  Sign Up!  Check slack for deets.


-Prayers requests


-YHC was asked recently for advice to FNG’s.  Like many of us, I tend to take myself too seriously.  At my first post, I thought F3 exercise names, nicknames, COT, etc. were corny.  I soon realized I love all of this stuff.  I simply took myself way too seriously.  Encouraged pax to not take themselves too seriously, have some fun, and smile during name-a-rama.


-Shoutout to Sky Q


Coffeteria followed.  


Thanks for the opportunity to lead.





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