PAX (16): Mufasa, Tonight Show, Speed Square, Hard Hat, Dr Thunder, Bear Grills, Barndoor, Fine Print, Crab Cakes, Kings Bird, Hawg

, Butterfly, Rucks Man, Moon Man, Gator, Yodel

Q: Yodel

Yodel decided to keep it simple, but added a nice twist! Every 5 minutes his timer went off and it was time for 5 Burpees – The PAX loved it!


  • Mosey around the block
  • The Timer went off for the first time – 5 Burpees!
  • 20 SSH IC
  • 20 Sun Gods IC (10/10)
  • 20 Cherry Pickers IC
  • 20 Tappy Taps IC)

PRE-THANG: Yodel decided not to do a pre-thing and just made sure the. PAX moseyed to the hill. Oh, and the timer went off again – more burpees!

DATHANG: PAX arrived at the hill. Split up in pairs.

Each per completed the following sequence almost 2x before Yodel called Omaha.

150 Merkins – One PAX started, the second one ran up the hill backwards and did 5 Burpees. Then, they switched

300 Air Squads – the second PAX bearcrawled up the thill and did 5 jump squats. Then, they switched

150 Carolina Dry Docks – the second one ran up the hill backwards and did 5 Burpees. Then, they switched

Rinse and repeat!

Oh: And every 5 mins the PAX did 5 burpees (to mix things up, you know)

After Yodel called Omaha, the group moseyed back to the showel flag


  • Last round of Burpees!
  • Mary ended with American Hammers




When I was around 10 I started to play soccer, but I sucked. Guys made fun of me, I barely played in a game for over 1 year. Instead of giving up, I trained every day until I finally made it into the starting lineup and we won State. I ran into some guys who bullied me a few years later and I couldn’t believe how messed up they looked like. They were more than just sad clowns – and here I was: successful, in shape, and in a good place with my life. That was the satisfaction I was looking for. However, I struggled with getting up and come to F3 over the last few months, but the story I shared reminded me to keep going even when it’s hard! I made myself a promise that I won’t give up and I will keep grinding through the amazing Workouts from F3! I am grateful to be part of this amazing group!


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