Octagon AO | Prarie Lane Swing School | 55 degees

Q: Bloodshot

PAX: Hoosegow, Flo, Golden Pike, Stiches, Slow Pitch, Tin Cup, Rollbar, Polaroid, Spacebar, Tug Boat, Super Tasty, Tater Tot, Dog House, Smashmouth, Othello, Brazillian.

Bloodshot recited the 5 core principles, mission statement, and disclaimer before leading the PAX to the West parking lot for Warmarama.


15 Goof balls, tappy taps, mountain climbers in cadence.

The Thang:

8 stations: 15 Reps each exercise

1. Merkins

Gas pumpers IC

Copperhead Squats IC

2. Diamond Merkins

American Hammers IC

Monkey Humpers IC

3. Ranger Merkins


Squat Jumps

4. Werkins

Freddy Mercury IC

Air Squats

5. Alt shoulder taps IC

Box Cutters IC

Forward lunges

6. Carolina Dry docks

Heel touches IC

Apollo Ono IC

7. Deon Sanders Merkins

Big Boy Sit ups

Bonnie Blairs IC

8. Tempo Merkins IC

Windshield wipers (w/o coupon)

Sumo squats IC

**lap around school after 1 cycle

Time flew with one cycle completed by each group of PAX.


As we reflect on the service men and women who have their lives for all of us today – we all know someone who has,

It’s a reminder of our own gift of life.

“Memento mori” is Latin for: “remember you will die.” … it sounds morbid and can be depressing to dwell on, but think about it… we are all going to die.

But this philosophy can be a tool to create priority and meaning

The basic idea is that if people remember their inescapable deaths, they will lead more sober lives, live in the present, and take advantage of opportunities rather than postpone them ’til “tomorrow.”

To live a life in which we did all the things we wanted to do, and hopefully cheered the world up in the process and left things in a bit better shape than they were before we arrived.

“Let each thing you would do, say or intend be like that of a dying person.” — Marcus Aurelius

We owe those who sacrificed for us to live a life of priority and meaning.



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