June 2nd, 5:15 AM, The Danger Zone, Papio South High School, 53 degrees clear skies, no wind

3-Man Grinder Coupon Beatdown

23 PAX: High Life, Belding, Haggis, Trench, Jeeves, Jean Claude, Gobbler, Feeney, Wentworth, Fun Dip, Baby Shark, Echo, L-Train, Tony the Tiger, Doppler, Skittles, Regrets, Lucky Charms, Rooney, Double Dip & your Q Squeaky Clean

FNG’s- M&M & Flowers

5:15 AM- Welcome to F3, Fitness, Fellowship & Faith. The mission of F3 is to Plant, Serve and Grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The 5 core principles of F3.

  1. Open to all men
  2. Always FREE
  3. Always held outdoors
  4. Lead in a rotating fashion
  5. Ends with a Circle of Trust (COT)

5:17 AM- We circle up in the middle of the football field for the Warm-o-rama;

1.       SSH * 15

2.       Imperial Walkers * 15

3.       Hillbillies * 15

4.       Tappy-Taps * 10 

5:20 AM- We head to the hill for the Pre-Thang, we got in 3 rounds

  • 5-Minute Stadium Stairs, divided into two groups, group 1 on east steps, group 2 on west steps

5:25 AM- We number off into three groups and head to practice field to start The Thang;

Station 1: Push group, lap and half around, push station 2.

Station 2: Everything with a coupon

1.       Clean and press

2.       Curls

3.       Goblet squat

4.       Skull crushers (Tricep extension)

5.       Lunge twist

6.       Three-way merkin (Uneven merkin left, diamond merkin, uneven merkin right)

7.       Block swing (Kettlebell swing)

8.       Bent over row

9.       Block bench press

Rinse and repeat

Station 3:

1.       LBC

2.       Gas pumpers

3.       Freddie mercury

4.       Box cutters

5.       Rosalita

6.       Low Dolly

7.       Captain Thor (1 big boy sit-up – 4 American Hammers)

8.       Starfish Crunch (right arm up-left leg, left arm-right leg)

9.       World war I sit up

Rise and repeat

We got in six rounds, called Omaha after the completion of Round 6. The group were gassed, but we pushed through today and got better.

6:00 AM Marry- Rancid Style Sarpy Slammers

6:01 AM Name-a-Rama

Announcements- Brick Builders event coming up, Blood drive on June 18th

Prayer Requests- None

6:05 AM COT- Greatness

Greatness isn’t achieved by worrying what everyone thinks of you. Don’t look outside. The praise, criticism, expectations; it’s all just noise. Look inside to your heart and soul and do your thing. Do it with love and create greatness from the inside out. Your mindset causes the lens in which you view the world to narrow or open. Negativity narrows your perspective and causes you to focus on problems. Positivity broadens your perspective and allows you to see the big picture and find solutions. Positivity sees possibilities! 6 Ways to Get Better: 1. Be humble and hungry 2. Focus on your strengths and what matters most 3. Tune out distractions 4. See life and people as teachers you can learn from each day 5. Help others get better 6. Care more. Put more time, effort and passion into your work/life

Aye! Squeaky Clean

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

The Danger Zone

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