21Strong: KOA, Wentworth, Echo, Arch, TonyTheTiger, Rooney, BabyShark, Trench, Knobs, JeanClaude, SqueakyClean, IcyHot, Highlife, DoubleDip, Skittles, Ferdinand, BoilingPoint, Schrute, GirlDad, Swiper & the #BirthdayBoy – Firewalker

When it’s your birthday, you can Q anyway you want to! In honor of Firewalker’s dramatic entrance into this world, 40 short years ago, at precisely 4:28am, a PrePreRun embarked upon. Paying attention to the pre-blast details and present for this joyous occasion were Ferdinand, TonyTheTiger, JeanClaude, Swiper, Trench and Firewalker. It wasn’t anything too crazy. We did a loop around town before meeting up with the 4:45am crew – I remember DoubleDip was there!AND there were some badass Ruckers too! Skittles, HighLife, BoilingPoint, Wentworth. Maybe more! To be honest, most of the rest of the beatdown is a blur!

At 5:15, FW welcomed the pax to The Farm. He informed the group they were at F3 , which stands for Fitness. Fellowship. Faith. The mission of planting, serving and growing small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership was covered as were the 5 core principles – Open to All Men, Free, Always Held OutDoors, Lead In a Rotating Fashion and Always ending in. Circle of Trust! For those keeping score at home, FW #NailedIt! Pax were warned of the risk of injury and of FW’s less than stellar track record of professionalism and prowess. They were encouraged to modify as necessary and with that we mosey’d over to the parking lot for Warm-a-rama


⁃ Windmills – 20 IC

⁃ HarryRockettes – 20 IC

⁃ FailureToLaunch -10

⁃ We mosey’d over the super safe single chain fence protecting the parking lot and over to another finely placed and cared for parking lot for our pre-thang.


⁃ Music was incorporated: Flowers, by Moby. Pax were quickly acclimated with Bringing Sally Up….. and Down! For the record, FW was sick of Sally after about 2 minutes.

⁃ Pax were encouraged to find a partner… someone they’d enjoy spending the next 25 minutes with while in pain and misery.

⁃ We mosey’d to the lit up cones and coupons strategically placed along Main Street of Springfield

⁃ IT. WAS. ON!

TheThang – 40 Minutes of Hell

AMRAP exercise while your partner ran uphill to cone, performed 1 Bobby Hurley and ran back to relieve his accelerating, and ass kicking partner man handling or getting his ass kicked by a coupon. It went a little something like this….

⁃ 100 Blockees

⁃ 100 Squat Thrusters

⁃ 100 Big Boy Sit-Ups

⁃ 100 Chinook Air Circles

⁃ 100 Coupon Curls

⁃ 100 Imperial Walkers

⁃ 100 Tricep Extensions


At 6:06, FW called “Omaha”, the pax carried the coupons back to their rightful place next to RobinsNest and we mosey’d back to the shovel flags to circle up and Mary.

⁃ Leg Raises – 15 IC

⁃ American Hammers – 40, because, I wanted to!


⁃ BrickBuilder June 11/12

⁃ BloodDrive 5/28 & 6/18

⁃ Memorial Day Murphs: 5, 6 & 7am @ Titan, District & Redwings

⁃ There were two men we lifted up. Ashamed, I cannot recall their names …… Heavenly Father….. you know them specified by name…. you know their hurt and their struggle, please protect, bless, heal and guide their lives. (Word of Advice: Don’t wait….do your BB right away!)


FW brought two phrases with him this day:

# 1. LEAN IN. Advice he would give to new pax just getting started and veteran pax, lean in to what is happening around you. Don’t be afraid to try something new and uncomfortable. For me, today, it was coupons!

#2. GIVE IT AWAY. My favorite part of the Freed to Lead Book is the story of the FNG who keeps apologies being the “6”. Except, the leader reminds him “you’re the reason we’re here”. FW encouraged the pax to lean in, to keep accelerating, but then to GIVE IT AWAY. Find someone else that needs this. That’s why we’re here. That’s what makes this community so much more than I or Me. It’s WE! #LeanIn #GiveItAway

The now trademarked #FBBVA (FarmBeltBuckleVirtualAward) was handed out to Schrute for his dedication, effort and & kick ass attitude and mindset as he crashed the workout today and the last couple of weeks!

Still Reading?…. I’ll buy a coffee for the first person to tell me they took the time to read this far….HBDtoMe!



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