AO – Top Rope

Q – Ketchup

PAX: Test Tube (FNG), Super Nasty, Super Tasty, Father Time, U-haul, Barn Door, Flanders, Mother Goose, Big Sky, Short Sale, Gator, Moon Man, 2×4, Arm Bar, Bear Grylls, Dr. Thunder, Fine Print, Patton (Respect), Mud Flap (FNG), Nugget, American Picker, Beaver, NC Casey, Bounce House (FNG), Black Jack, Kill Switch, Mufasa, Speed Square, Packer, Hummer Head, Swiper

Sunny – 50 ish Degrees

Q Awoke this morning feeling like his birthday meant like his age was starting to catch up with him. First time Murph on Monday followed by a slip n slide of beatdown on Tuesday found him to be a bit stiff. Luckily the planned beatdown will adequately loosen things up for the day so we have that to look forward to. Q arrived in the gloom early to set up for the mornings activities and then proceeded back to the shovel flags to wait for the other PAX to arrive.

5:30 – Q called the meeting to order looked around the circle at the quantity of HIM standing before him which ratcheted up the pressure. Q recited the mission vision and values was sure to recite the 5 standard statements of operation and asked if any FNG’s were present…there were 3…which added to the pressure. Immediate thoughts of…this needs to go well…crept in so we get them to come back. Legal disclaimer was mentioned and we were off. PAX moseyed to the nearest parking lot to the East for the Warm a rama:

15 SSH – IC

12 Windmills – IC

15 Tappy Taps – IC

4 Leg Stretch each side

Frog Stretches 2 rounds at 10 seconds

Following warm-a-rama we returned to the front of the school for the Pre-Thang:

2x – Dips – 25

2x – Toe Taps – 24

Group wall sit – 3 sec count passing a coupon down the line

Now that we were adequately warmed up…and the pre-arthritis was put off for a moment, we moseyed to back of the school and circled up for the Thang. Once circled up, 5 cones were visible starting next to the school at the top of the hill which extended west to the tree line. Pax numbered off in increments of five and the Q explained the Beat down:

Each number group would report to their specified cone and complete the workout as indicated on the sheet. Station 1 was the push group had a set number of reps and the remaining exercises were AMRAP. Station 1 and 5 were always the same exercise, 2, 3 and 4 had a list of exercises to cycle through as the groups came round again. Once through – rinse and repeat.


Bear Crawl up Hill

20 Monkey Humpers (IC)

Crab Walk to bottom of Hill Run to Station 2



Ranger Merkins

SHIP Touches (4 count shoulder and hip touches)


Big Boys


Box Cutters IC


Bonnie Blairs

Hydraulic Squats

3-sec Squat Holds



Q called Omaha at 6:05 and we circled up for Mary:

Based on time we did one round of American Hammers Rancid style.

Following Mary – Name a rama commenced and we welcomed Mud Flap, Test Tube and Bounce House. Announcements were made and prayers requested.

For COT Q asked for the 6th man in the group to come up and tell us about himself…our fellow HIM Super Tasty was the lucky man selected. We learned he was in a band, married, couple kids, he talked about things he likes to do for fun and got a little deeper dive into who Super Tasty was. If anyone has a Bah Mitzvah, anniversary party to just straight up wants to hear someone play drums…ST is your man!!

Q explained that this is something he picked up at F3 Cherokee and is a great way to practice the 2nd F of F3, how it is important for fellowship to extend beyond the beatdowns and how this is one area he is wanted to improve at. Q called an end to the activities led us out in prayer.

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