Golden Spike–  Pre-Memorial Day Weekend Workout- 

AO:​Golden Spike

May 28, 2021

Weather:  48 & light Wind

PAX (21): Mother Goose; Tuner; McEnroe; Biff; Chiclets (Respect); Kalbasa; Tuna Fish; Sparkles (FNG); Cutting Edge;Starkist; Cheap Seats; Grease Fire; Grillz; A1; Tug Boat;Vandelay (Respect); Sister Act; Water Boy; Wait Time; Slow Pitch; 

FNG-  Sparkles (Brother of Tuna Fish)

Q: Dirty Bird

Dirty Bird arrived in the Gloom at 5:15 and proceeded to set up stations.  The Burke Stadium Field was open again for workouts.  Dirty Bird gathered the PAX at 5:30 with the Welcome:

Dirty Bird welcomed all to the Golden Spike.  He recited the five core principles and laid out the F3 Mission Statement which is “to plant, grow and serve small workouts to invigorate male community leadership.”

Dirty directed the PAX to a short mosey roughly a quarter turn around the track.  Starkist missed this instruction and decided to sprint 200 meters.  The PAX circled up at the middle of the field for Warm-A-Rama.

Warm-o-Rama• Goof balls- IC- 15• Side Saddle hops- IC- 10• Tappie taps- IC- 15• Sun Gods IC- 10 and backwards• Windmill- IC- 10• Tempo Merkins- 10 IC


Dirty Bird led a march to the endzone for the pre-thang- Line up at the 50- Bear crawl to 40o Lunges 20 right lego Lunges 20 left leg- Bear crawl to 30o Merkins 30- Bear Crawl to 20o Air Squats 20- Bear Crawl to 10o Carolina Dry Docks 10- Bear crawl to End Zoneo Burpees- 6 as a touchdown celebration


Dirty Bird instructed to the Pax to count of in threes.  The Thang would consist of two Stations and a push group.  The small groups would perform the first exercise on the list until pushed.  Then go to the next stations and perform the first item on the list until pushed.

#1s run go to south end zone and then run to other end zone on the sidelines

#2s in South end zone

#3s in North end zone

The PAX took these instructions well and the fun began.

South End Zone

Alternating Shoulder Taps

Diamond Merkins

Folsom’s Instagram Models


Mountain Climbers

Bonnie Blairs

North End Zone


​Bobby Hurleys

​Plank Jacks

Apolo Ohno’s

​Monkey Humpers

​Heels to Heaven

The groups completed five different trips around the stations before Omaha was called.

Mary (6:07)• Gas Pumpers• Freddie Mercuries (15 IC)• Box cutters (15 IC)• American Hammers Rancid Style

Announcements and Prayers


For the Circle of Trust, Dirty Bird explained that his parents had been visiting ancestors’ graves over Memorial Day Weekend for the last ten years.  He had never joined them.  Last year, Dirty’sdaughter went with them and she came back with a wealth of knowledge regarding Dirty’s family.  Specifically, Dirty Bird’s Great Uncle, Raymond G. Meyer of Fairbury, Nebraska.  Raymond G. Meyer was killed in a Japanese Prisoner of War Prison during WWII.  The Army knows that he was held captive in Luzon, Philippines, but has not discovered his remains.  Raymond never returned home. Never got a chance to start a family.  Never got to say good bye to his mother. 

Dirty Bird asked that the PAX keep men and women, like Raymond, in their thoughts as they celebrate Memorial Day Weekend.  Dirty dedicated the workout to Raymond Meyer, KIA.

Dirty Bird then concluded the COT with a prayer asking for Sky Q to watch over the PAX and their families over the long weekend.

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