June 1, 2021|AO- The Trident|50° and beautiful

14 PAX: Roadhouse, Tubesocks, Hard Hat, Panty Hose, Room Service, Tin Cup, Retweet, Rollbar, Vandelay (Respect), Big One, Dirty Bird, Wentworth, Spacebar, Mother Goose (QIC)

5:30 AM- Recited meaning and principles of F3 and gave disclaimer; no FNG’s; started moseying and realized I forgot the mission so recited that while moseying

Moseyed to the nearest lot for Warm-o-rama:

15 Tappy Taps IC

12 Big Ones IC

20 Cherry Pickers IC

10 Tempo Merkins IC

20 Monkey Humpers IC

The PAX were instructed to find a partner while moseying to the Centris lot for the Pre-Thang:

Partner Burpee Pyramid- one PAX would perform burpees while his partner held a yoga squat (basically the bottom of a Tugboat squat). Since it is 6/1 the burpees were 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1.  PAX were instructed to hold plank or Al Gore to the 6.  As Vandelay and I were halfway through I noticed Panty Hose and Hard Hat were already holding plank.  I thought maybe they didn’t know they had to go back down from 6, but no, they were just already done.  Those guys are animals…

We then counted off by 4’s to create 4 groups and moseyed down to the circle bridge for the Thang:

3 Pain Stations across the middle pathway and one mosey push group on the east side of the bridge around to the other side:

  1. Lower body
    1. 20 Copperhead Squats IC
    1. 20 Bobby Hurley’s
    1. 20 Jump Squats
    1. Rinse and repeat until pushed by mosey group, lunge to 2
  2. Upper body
    1. 20 Merkins
    1. 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC
    1. 20 Carolina Dry Docks
    1. Rinse and repeat until pushed by 1, bear crawl to 3
  3. Core
    1. 20 Big Boy’s
    1. 20 Hello Dolly’s
    1. 20 Freddy Mercury’s IC
    1. Rinse and repeat until pushed by 2, mosey around bridge to push 1

6:03- Omaha call; each group had hit all stations twice; moseyed back to shovel flags for Mary:

Guantanamo Bay- PAX lied on their backs in a circle with feet facing out.  They were instructed to hold their feet up to waist height, while one-by-one every member would mosey around and push their feet down.  They were to try not to let their feet hit the ground. 

Hammers Rancid Style to get a count.



-Rollbar plugged Grow Ruck 7/16-7/18 in StL

-Big One shared info on the Brick Builder event at CP on 6/12

-As a new Site Q I shared that I will lead a Rosary after every Friday beatdown at Golden Spike (all are welcome) and that I want to encourage VQ’s so if you know any new PAX that haven’t Q’d encourage them to reach out to me. Roadhouse said he only wants veteran Q’s at The Trident, haha…


I spent time on Memorial Day reflecting on the countless brave women and men that have served our country, their families, and those that never made it home.  Thankfully my two Grandpas (WW2 and Korea) made it back, or I wouldn’t be here.  For my entire life, the common theme of American military engagements abroad is that they tend to happen in Islamic countries.  I love The Trident and the peaceful connection between three faiths.  That bridge is so symbolic as a bridge of understanding and common respect.  As a former Social Studies teacher, I often dealt with misunderstandings of the Islamic faith, so I decided to give a similar lesson that I would give in class, mostly to students that had no recollection of 9/11 or were born after it. 

The Islamic faith is not as different from my Catholic faith as many would think.  Much as F3 has 5 core principles, there are 5 Pillars of Islam:

  1. Faith- There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger on Earth.
    1. I always found it funny how many of my students thought Allah was some different God from the Christian one, not realizing that Allah is just Arabic for “God” and that we believe in the same God. The human messenger (Jesus vs. Muhammad) is the only difference.
  2. Prayer- 5 times a day directed toward Mecca, based on the position of the sun. The Islamic Call to Worship is so often depicted in an ominous tone in movies and TV, usually preceding something awful happening.  It is really just a beautiful call to prayer and a recitation of these 5 pillars.
  3. Fasting- Ramadan is the Islamic holy month (based on a lunar calendar), but there are many of us that have fasted at different times in our lives.  Perhaps F3 is a way to help us do just that.  We remove things from our life in order to prioritize what really matters… our families, our faith and our relationships with others.
  4. Alms-giving- service to the less-fortunate.  Nothing wrong with that.  3rd F, baby!
  5. Pilgrimage- In Islam the ultimate pilgrimage is to the holy city of Mecca.  The general idea of a pilgrimage can be much simpler.  It is a chance to explore the world physically and yourself spiritually and emotionally.  Grow Ruck, CSAUP, triple-Murphs… F3 has many a pilgrimage.

I did share that there are parts of Islam I do not respect.  I wish Mecca was open to non-Muslims and that perhaps more openness could lead to more understanding and peace.  I do not like the way women are treated in some Islamic countries.  That being said, there are fundamentalists and extremists in all faiths, i.e. the supposed “Christians” that commit hate crimes against members of the LGBTQ community or bomb abortion clinics. If we are truly open to all men (as Roadhouse encouraged us to be at The Trident launch) then we will focus on the positive tenets of different faiths that we can find commonalities with rather than just stoke fear.  We can treat Islamic-Americans as our brothers and sisters. We can hope to live in a world one day where war only exists in movies, TV, books and video games.

I led us out in a prayer of gratitude for the HIM around me, for understanding which leads to peace, and in memory of all the brave women and men that have served our country.  I asked God to shine perpetual light on those that never made it back and hold close the ones they left behind.

Cheers and SYITG,

Mother Goose

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