June 1 – QIC Kill Switch, Weather, 53 degrees, clear, perfect for a beatdown

20 Pax in total: Stella, JackRabbit, Sister Act, Bloodshot, SmashMouth, Sportiva, Left Seat, Lansbury, Toadstool, Brazilian, Edison, Hightower, Supertasty, Tenderfoot, Scrunchie, ToolTime

Welcome FNGs Full guard, Fiddler, and Scout!!

Big thank you to Toadstool for being my guide-rails as I did things in the wrong order!!

Today is my 37th Birthday, so we’re going to explore one of my biggest lessons of the last year

Start with a Mosey around the track, ending at the center of the field


10 – side straddle hops

10 – Don Quixote

10 – Tappy Taps

10 – SunGods each direction


Don’t Let Me Down!

Listening to OK GO’s I won’t let you down

Pax Plank, Merkin each time you hear the word DOWN, didn’t keep count, but it’s a lot of Merkins, probably a few too many.  I forgot about the refrain where the two guys are saying “won’t let you down” to each other in rapid succession for about an entire minute.

The Thang

Pax split off into 4 groups.  QIC reveals the poorly constructed wooden dice.

Six stations – the dice roll chooses your fate.  Sprint to the station, complete the exercise at the station and come back for more.

1 –Station 1 at the North Corner of the field

  1. 10 Merkins
  2. 10 Werkins
  3. 10 Chuck Norris

2 – Station 2 at the East corner of the field

  1. Lunge walk on the way back to Center field

3 – Station 3 at the South corner of the field

  1. 15 Good Mornings
  2. 15 Bobby Hurleys

4 – station 4 at the West corner of the field

  1. 15 Jump Tucks
  2. 10 Broad jumps on the way back, run the rest of the way

5 – Lap around the stadium stairs

6 – on your six!

Pax chose 40 reps of their favorite ab workout

Omaha was called at 6:04

Mary –

37 American Hammers, Rancid Style

The Bell and the Bird

One day a monk was sitting in his cell when he heard the sound of the chapel bell. He said to himself, that is the sweetest sound in all the world, calling me as it does to stillness and depth and time with my Lord. Before he had time to rise and make his way to the chapel, he heard the sound of a blackbird, calling from beyond the cloister wall. He said to himself that is the sweetest sound in the world, calling me as it does to the world and all its majesty and beauty.

This poem is about the draw that man has both to the world within himself, represented by the chapel bell, as well as the draw that man has to the external world, represented by the blackbird in the poem.  Both are beautiful, and worth exploring.  It’s difficult to balance, as both are important.

The Hedgehog and the Fox

This is an essay by philosopher Isaiah Berlin, from 1953.  Effectively, it’s about a fox and a hedgehog.  The hedgehog who views the world through one defining lens, but has explored it throughout its life, knowing the area that surrounds him extremely well.  The fox, on the other hand, flits from one area to the next, not knowing any one area that well, but experiencing a broad range of smells, sights, and sounds.

Neither and both are correct.  The way I see these two parables, is that we’re drawn both internally and externally, we act internally and externally, but the balance between these modes is part of what makes you a rounded person, and helps you stay grounded.

Pax were lead out in a prayer by Kill Switch, followed by FNG Scout spilling Merlot.  He’s one of us!! 


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