Thursday, August 6, 2020 | Futurama | Memorial Park | 66 degrees & Beautiful Skies

PAX (17): Black Jack, Othello, Black Flag, Wentworth, Ruxpin (FNG), Two Step, Polaroid, Demigorgan, Mac’n Cheese, Icy Hot, Slow Pitch, Gunner, Tater Tot, and more… 

QIC: Black Jack – VQ!!!

It was a cool and cloudy morning but dry. Dark when we gathered at the shovel flags. One FNG to introduce and then Black Jack went over the purpose and core principles and disclaimer.

FNG: RUXPIN! Welcome, brother! 


– Sun Gods (10 IC forward, 10 IC backward) 

-Tappy taps (10 IC)

-Big Ones (10IC)

-15 Pushups 

After the warm-a-rama, we moseyed around the memorial and came in the backside to gather around the large flag pole with a brick rim around the base. 

Here we gathered for a little pre-thang.


With our feet up on the ledge, we did 15 Peter Parker Derkins. I had Slow Pitch count but did not give clear enough direction so only about ½ the guys actually included the Peter Parker with their derkin. 

Next Gunner led us with a 15 IC count for Chicken Peckers. I mistakenly called them cherry peckers which were quite confusing to figure out how to do in a decline position without smashing one’s face. Most of the guys proved smart enough to figure out what was intended. 

We stood up for a 10C rest then dropped back to decline for another set. In the second round we got the counting down and it proved to be a good challenge. 

Time was moving quickly so we moseyed back around the monument, West on Cumings, and took a left at the bottom of the hill, and stopped at the base of Boxer Hill. 

The Thing:

We circled up, grabbed a partner, and proceeded to do a set of 21 partner pushups a handclap on each rep. 

We then rolled on our back for 21IC flutter kicks. 

Then we ran the hill, planked to the 6, and proceeded back down after a 10c rest. 

At the bottom of the hill, we knocked out another set of 21 partner pushups and went into 21IC bicycles.

Post core work we headed back up the hill. Planked to the 6, 10C rest and returned to the bottom.

We rocked out one more set of partner 21 pushups and 21C big boys and it was time to mosey. 

We mosied to dodge via the church sidewalk, proceeded East on Dodge to the bridge, and cut up the sidewalk back to the shovel flags. Upon returning we were sadly out of time and didn’t get to the last set of partner exercises planned. 

Name-a-rama: Instructions were given to the FNG by Tater Tot. Russell kicked off the Name O Rama and it went mostly smooth for the first time. 

FNG’s were then named: Theo comfortably stepped into the center of our group and we began to ask questions and throw out possible names. Russell advocated for The-Big-O but Othello seemed moderately uncomfortable with this as some might mistake its intended meaning. Shortly after that name was squashed we settled on Ruxbin. 

Announcements: Scholarship Event was mentioned for the 612th time this month. 

COT – A short COT was delivered about how there are things in life a lot like our workout and the hill we ran that we cannot go over, we cannot go around, we cannot go under, we just have to go through. When we go through life’s valley’s it’s best not to do it alone. If you’re in a valley, no one can take your burden but you have to invite others to walk alongside you, be real, reach out. If you’re not in a valley, chances are someone you know is. Who can you reach out to and walk alongside while they go through their tough season. 

Black Jack prayed us out. 

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