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AO: Dragons Lair
May 29, 2021

Weather: 45 & Wind S 5 MPH

PAX (14): Gator, Thor, Fine Print, Lincoln Log (Respect~Respect), Works for a guy (Downrange from Nashville, TN), Short Sale (Welcome Back), Crab Cakes, Mr. Miyagi, Doppler, FNG (Nugget), Patton (Respect), Kielbasa, Bear Grylls, Moon Man

FNGs – not at first but welcome Nugget!

Q: Moon Man 

Moon Man arrived to Gloom at 0540 and could see Patton and Gator running the sidewalks.  Way to get after it on Saturday morning boys.  There was also a man playing basketball by himself.  Not wearing his glasses, Moon Man figured this had to be a PAX member practicing since the week before Swiper had us do a Lightening like basketball game to complete is Q beatdown.  Welcome back Short Sale, was great seeing you in the Gloom again!  PAX also welcomed Works for a guy who was in Omaha Downrange from F3 Nashville, TN!  As men started gathering around the shovel flags, it was apparent that the young man playing basketball was not part of F3 (yet).  Thoughts of EH’ing him were strong and Gator mentioned that Patton (during their run) was all over that already and apparently the EH force is strong with him, more to come on that.  

  • 0600! Welcome to F3 and The Dragons Lair, my name is Moon Man and I will be your Q this morning
  • F3 = Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
  • Mission = to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration OR re-invigoration of male community leadership
  • 5 Core Principles = free of charge, open to all men, always held outdoors, peer lead, end with Circle of Trust
  • F3 has a Credo:  Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you found him. 
  • Today’s exercises are intended to push you and hopefully be difficult.  I am not a professional so please modify as needed. 
  • Warm-A-Rama (short mosey up street)
    • Abe Vigoda 10 (slow stretching windmill) IC
    • Tappy-Taps 10 IC
    • …somewhere here the early morning basketball player jogged over and joined the group, so we paused for a moment to acknowledge his presence and welcome him for jumping in to join us – what a brave young man and what an EH’r that Patton is!
    • Imperial Storm Kickers (10 IC)
    • Big Ones 10 (IC)
    • SSH 20 IC
  • Pre-Thang (short mosey back to hill near tennis court and Pax would perform this together as one large group two times – Hip Hob BBQ would be the music from here on out)
    • Run backwards up hill and perform one LL Cool J 
    • Dragon Walk down hill and perform 10 Donkey Kicks Claps (these are donkey kicks w/o wall and clapping feet together while they are in air)
  • Thang
    • 7 of Diamonds (counted off into groups of 4 for this four corner beatdown with mosey between stations)
  • 7 Burpees at each corner (28 total)
  • 14 Flutter Kicks at each corner (56 total)
  • 21 Merkins at each corner (84 total)
  • 28 Copperhead Squats at each corner (112 total) Switched from mosey to running backwards 
  • 21 Baby Dips on your 6 each corner (84 total)
  • 14 Big Boy Sit ups (56 total)
  • 7 T Merkins at each corner (28 total)
  • Post-Thang(s) (PAX finished 7 of Diamonds early so with intentions to punish for this, back to the hill we went for what was hopefully increased pain)
    • Run backwards up hill and perform three LL Cool J 
    • Crab Walk down hill and perform 10 Donkey Kicks Claps 
      • Completed three rounds then instructed PAX to go ahead and move into tennis court or our last Post Thang.  There was another 4 minutes or so that Moon Man did not need to be their friend.
    • To Moby – Flower (Remix) we performed Green Sally Up (and down) starting with merkins, switching to air squats, and then back to merkins.
  • Omaha @ 0653
  • Mary
    • Short on time and completely missed doing Mary today ☹  
  • Count Off, Name-O-Rama, Named FNG Nugget (ask him why!)
  • Announcements
    • Triple Murph opportunity Monday, go accelerate! 
  • Prayer Requests
    • Lifeline, have a speedy recovery
    • Thor, be safe jumping out of the plane today
    • Memorial Day, prayers to families that have lost someone, be grateful, and please be safe going into your weekend
  • COT
    • During our Q Source this week we discussed Opportunity as the topic.  During that discussion several of the HIM identified that they were very professionally driven and that many times so much energy is focused around being the best they can be at work and advancing their careers that at times it causes less focus at home with family and loved ones.  Less patience, energy, etc.  This week hit very close to home seeing it was a tough week.  Although productive, there were things that could have also been approached better with Moon Man outside of work.
    • So why not apply something familiar at work to personal life as far as process goes (the Retrospective).  At work we work iteratively, meaning that every couple weeks everything we have done, we rinse and repeat for the upcoming couple weeks with a focus on continuous improvement.  We call this a Retro.  Basically, looking back to openly discuss and think about what went well, what didn’t go well, and how can we improve (always starting with what went well to kick off on a positive note).  
    • Personally, things that went well were working out every day, first Smurph & Murprh, called mom every day, spent some meaningful time with M.  What didn’t go well is being stressed out from work, fell short on time and that really negatively impacted relationships including Shield Lock, being shorter than normal with mother.  So how can this be improved?  Sometimes leaving work at work is best.  Or talk about it with your M or someone you can lean on and trust before someone asks how your week is going and you go down a rabbit hole of negativity.  
    • Through this personal retrospect process, we can take a small amount of time (often and consistently) and focus on things we want to keep doing while also looking at things we know are not working but instead of brushing it off, actually set a small goal or actionable plan to make those things better.  This is not about living in the past, but think about the last week or two, what do you want to keep doing (positive) what are things that have not been going well (change needed) and what can you do personally to improve by just 1% the next week to be a better HIM for your family, community, and yourself.  Constantly evolve to get a little better somewhere in you life.  For those that showed up in the gloom this morning, you already took a great first step to being better tomorrow because of what you are doing today.  
  • Moon Man lead men out in Prayer on knee


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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