May 29, 2021 | The Oracle AO | Aldrich Elementary |6:00 AM 


PAX: Khakis (Respect), A1, Grillz, 2×4, Arm Bar, Pot Hole, Vandelay (Respect) Tube Socks, Cheap Seats, Slow Pitch,Stiches, Zebo, DaVinci (Respect x 2), Retweet, Armadillo, Relish, Bubbles, Eddison, Blades of Glory, Big Sky, Toto 


Q: Toto


Weather:  Clear skys, no wind, 50 degrees, dry conditions, just a beautiful morning for a beatdown! 


I arrived early enough to see the 5:30 pre runners launch from the elementary and for myself to do a little Pre Q Recon. The Anvil work out was on the agenda for the day and I needed to set up stations and expand them in distance to create a 1 minute mosey around. As I began to pull the cones from my truck door I realized that I had left the Weinkes on the kitchen counter. With too many exercises to possibly remember, I made a hard dash home and returned 4 minutes before 6:00 AM. As I raced home, I’m not sure if my blood pressure was rising as a result potentially being late for my own Q or my newly acquired 5.6 Liter V8 wide open on an empty street. Needless to say when it was time to welcome the PAX, I was hungry for the beatdown and the table was set. 


PAX were welcomed to The Oracle. No FNGs, reminder of F3s principles and mission was provided. Short disclaimer and mosey to high East Parking lot. 



Side Staddle Hop – IC – 15

Sun Gods – IC – 10 Forward and Back

Tappy Taps – IC – 15 

Imperial Walkers – IC – 15

Big Ones – IC – 15


The Thang / The Anvil


My first experience with The Anvil workout was on February 5th, 2021, when Slow Pitch first introduced this beatdown to the Omaha PAX after acquiring it from F3 in West Cobb, GA. 


It goes as such: You have 35 Minutes to complete 5 Burpees – run lap around cones, 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins – lap, 5 Burpees, 10 Merkins, 15 LBC’s – lap… these continue to build on itself until completion, Omaha or deceased.

 5 Burpees 

10 Merkins 

15 LBC

20 Lunges (10 each leg)

25 Mtn Climbers 

30 Plank 

35 American hammers 

40 SSH

45 Big Boy Sit-ups

50 Squats 

PAX Split into groups of 4, 4 stations in total and began The Anvil beatdown. There was some confusion regarding Incadence vs. single count for some of the exercises. Not sure if we ever established counting methods for the Mtn Climbers / Hammers but in short, we busted our ass for 35 minutes and called Omaha prior to the last lap. 


With 5 Minutes to spare before our mosey back to the shovel flags, we circled back up for a Burpee Thunderstorm, consisting of ACDC’s Thunderstruck and a burpee for each time we heard the work “Thunder” (33 Times). PAX either ran in place between burpees or SSH’d to the beat. Note to self, get a louder Blue Tooth Speaker, my apologies ACDC. 


Name-O-Rama, No FNGs. 


Announcements |Prayer Request:

Reminder to PAX to sign up for the June 12th Brick Builder Event. If you don’t have a team, its not too late. June 1st is the sign up dead line but, exceptions can be made! Sign up. 

Memorial Day Triple Murph Opportunity, 0500, 0600, 0700 Starts followed by parking lot coffee and treats. 




In typical Toto fashion, I struggled all week trying to identify a theme for my Saturday Q. Having no success, I asked myself,what beatdowns in the past really stood out to me that I got a good workout both mentally and physically. In answering this question, I landed on Slow Pitch’s 2/5/21 The Day Before / The Last Day of. Click the link to check it out in the Backblast. 


Was it The Anvil that called out to me, or Slow Pitch’s COT? 


The vulnerability Slow Pitch displayed that morning and so often for the betterment of the HIMs around us is what stood out to me. This vulnerability is the Glue that keeps the PAX together and makes F3 soo special. Because of Slow Pitch’s courage and willingness to share his story, I have found personal strength to be a better husband, father, son, grandson, uncle, cousin, and friend. 


At F3 we talk about the Concentrica and the positive impacts it can have on one’s life just by focusing your attention on those closest to you. I have realized that my selfishness only gets in the way of achieving a strong Concentrica and as long as I satisfy my own selfish desires, the likely hood I will undermine the foundations the Concentrica is built upon and risk losing more than I could bare.


In Short, Slow Pitch’s Q that day helped me to recognize my Concentrica’s week foundations, and my inability to make thattough decision of the day before or the last day of. The COT I heard on 2/5/21 will always hold a special place in my heart as a constant reminder that change is always possible and necessary. Thank you Slow Pitch for your leadership. 


I hope that this COT strikes a chord for you and at a minimum offers you the encouragement to reflect back on that morning in the Gloom in which you too felt a strong mental and physical impact by one of your fellow HIMs. With such an amazing library of Backblast available to us at F3, look up that day, and reflect again. 


See you in the Gloom, 



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