Futurama 5/27/2021 Am I Coachable

5/27/21. Futurama AO | Memorial Park

PAX:  Dome, Vandelay (Respect), Sportiva, DaVinci, (Respect, Respect), Abraham, Rooster, Frosty, Lucky Charms, Stiches, Doll Face (Respect), Polaroid, Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffff!!!!!!, Side Dish, Flo (FNG), Othello, Gunner, Slow Pitch 

Q: Slow Pitch

Weather:  40-50’s, not certain. Light gloves on a pre run, but you’d be ok in shorts and t-shirt.  

Slow Pitch showed up at 4:55, put down two cones at bottom of steps and then Vandelay and Pony Express pulled in for the pre-run. Those three got 2.5 miles in on the old pre-run track, running down Dodge, then curled in a little early to meet up with PAX before workout in store.  

The 17 PAX met at the shovel flags, were given the mission statement, 5 principles and that Slow Pitch is not a professional. They were then instructed to mosey to the rose garden for warmarama. 1/3 of the PAX set their watch, then took off.

Warmarama – Slow Pitch instructed the group to circle up and get on their six. Clearly side straddle hops aren’t going to be first out of the gate…but 50 Big Boy sit ups were. Alright, then 25 burpees (Q needs a 10 count). Ok, then 25 IC Whole Body Crunches (Starfish), then 15 burpees, then 25 Big Boys and then 5 Starfish crunches. The attention has been had and everyone appeared to be warmed up. This Q loves a good pre-thang and today was not going to be different.

Pre-Thang – Mosey back to the flags at the top of the steps, count off into two groups.

One’s go to the West side steps, two’s to the East side steps. Each member has to do one merkin on each step, up the steps, bear crawl the landings. Once at top of steps East side team run around the Memorial Circle counterclockwise, West side team runs around circle clockwise, returning to top of their steps. Then one derkin down each step.Well shoot, going down dem steps was something else. The Q can’t speak for everyone because he witnessed some PAX, not struggle on the way down (I saw you Biff), be he struggled. The Q found himself on all fours in between derkins. The spacing for one’s body was tough on the steps and the shoulders just didn’t like it. It was awesome witnessing Othello with the FNG, Flo. Flo was holding down the park bench with his arse, making certain it wouldn’t get up and run away. Everyone gathered ourselves at the bottom of the steps after. There were random arms circles by a few members.

Second round of pre thang we would repeat with bunny hops up steps, broad jump the landings, run around the circle, then hop down steps. Of course, were almost out of time, however, it’s time for the thang.

The Thang – Stay in two groups and complete each set as a group. After set is complete run upstairs, do 10 HR Burpees, then return to bottom for next set. After 2ndsecond a modification was called for 5 hand release burpees.1. 5 IC – Bonnie Blairs2. 10 – Jump Squats on up3. 15 IC – Red bull Smurph Jacks4. 20 IC- Copperhead squats5. 25- Squat with Calf Raises

Omaha was called at 6:08 and mosey up to flags.

Mary- there may have been Mary, but Slow Pitch can’t remember because it took him too long to get the backblast out and he smoked up his brain cells in a previous life.

Announcements: June 11th and 12th.  Pray for Tony and other family members of Pax.

COT: Are you coachable? Who are your coaches? Do you seek coaching in all areas of your life? 

I am not my best coach! I need coaches for different areas of my life…parenting, professional, physical, emotional, spiritual… I need to target those; I see doing what I’d like to do or have and ask for their guidance. It doesn’t have to be a 6-month process, it could be an hour conversation. The older I get, the more coaching I need to be humble and hungry. If I don’t choose to make changes I’m going be stuck where I am the rest of mylife and truthfully, I don’t want to miss the gift of growth. I want to grow in competence and humility, and I can’t do that without seeking those that have it. I encourage you to ask yourselves: Am I coachable? Am I seeking those to coach me in my life? Do I care enough about the lives around me and myself to have others be my coach? I want to be coachable.

Prayer – Stitches

Always humbling to lead such great men!

Slow Pitch

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