19 PAX: Drone Strike, Mufasa, Huffy, Gunner, Merch, Khakis (respect!), Dog House, Polaroid, Spacebar, Bloodshot, Vanilla Ice, E-85 (hate), Beeps (hate), Dome (hate), Edison, Brazilian, Room Service, Beta Max, Golden Pike.

Q: Lucky Charms 

At 5:30 sharp, YHC welcomed everyone to F3, stated why we are called F3, our mission statement, and 5 core values. With a name like Lucky Charms, it’s easy to believe I am not an expert, so a recommendation to modify as necessary to avoid any injury was noted. 


The PAX walked their coupon to the stage, then did a Bernie Sanders to the obelisk. Once there, we all planked to the 6 before starting WAR.• Big Ones x 10• Tappy Taps x 10• Cherry Pickers x 10• Sun Gods x 10 each direction• Walk coupon to stage held in a curl. 

PAX counted off into groups of four and then did another Bernie Sanders to the stage. 

The Thang

Within each group of 4, two people started with their coupon on the stage. The other two would mosey, do 5 T pushups and 10 Hammers by the playground, and return.  

Those with a coupon would do the following exercises until their partners returned. • Man Makers x 10• Deadlift x 10• Curls x 10• Flutter kicks with coupon pressed up x 10 IC• Rinsed and repeat until pushed by your partners. 

Mary• American Hammers – Rancid style 


I’m not going to lie, it’s been a wild spring for me. A lot of things felt out of my control, and I hate that. I moved, took on some new responsibilities at work, and took over as a site Q. The latter of those filled me with anxiety. “How am I going to fill every single week with a new Q when Murphs normally have the same groups at the same sites?” What I found was that people found me in that moment of self doubtand offered their time, their help, and encouragement. Before I had officially taken over Titan Alley I had 4 weeks booked up. The reception to the location and help from people up North showed me what leadership looks like. We say we’re here to reinvigorate male community leadership, and that’s what these men did. Jean Claude, Huffy, Slow Pitch, and countless others. Thank you all for being a display of leadership and building me up when I needed it. Now go out and do that for others. 

Lucky Charms

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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