F3 Omaha May 26, 2021- Paradise Island, Skipper Q

05/26/2021:  Paradise Island.  Approx 60 degrees, wind E at 5mph, clear, ongoing partial lunar eclipse

PAX:  25 total- Grease Fire, Sweet Tooth, Vandelay, Ice T, Tater Tot, Bubbles, Slow Pitch, Retweet, Skipper, Tenderfoot, FDIC, Sven, and 13 other HIM.

Q: Skipper.  Skipper presented the mission and disclaimers.

Warm-A-Rama:  the PAX immediately moseyed to the area near the former US Bank branch, performed 15 SSHs, 15 Merkins, 10 Windmills, 15 Imperial Walkers

The Run:

Because this is a running AO, the PAX then continued with running.  Today’s edition of Paradise Island was promoted on Twitter as being extra focused on running.

Skipper directed the PAX to run along Regency Lake to the parking lot adjacent to the lake, just in from Pacific Street.  Upon arrival at that location, the PAX were to perform 5 burpees, 10 Merkins, and then an option of 20 LBCs or 20 Big Boy Situps.  The PAX were then to plank until the Six is in.  But all PAX, including the Six, were to perform the aforementioned exercises.

Next, the PAX undertook a run of a longer stretch, going over to the bike trail and running north-ish toward the TD Ameritrade parking lot.  Upon arrival at the parking lot, they were to then perform the same exercises while awaiting the Six.  Next, the PAX were to run back to the location on Regency Lake by Pacific and perform the same exercises while awaiting the Six.  Finally, the PAX then ran all the way back to Paradise and performed the same exercises again.  PAX remarked that they were smoked.

Upon arrival of all PAX back at Paradise, the Q decided to forego doing Mary, because time was short at this point.


FNG Copperpot was named.

The Q then conducted the name a rama, but determined later that due to his negligence he accidentally switched his phone from video to photo.  Accordingly, he only managed to capture a picture of Ice T and no video.  The Q was able to reconstruct the names of the attendees for the most part based on his memory.

Announcements & Prayer

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q- Skipper:

Broaden your perspective by getting to know someone who is much different than yourself.

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