Tuesday May 18, 2021

Wild Kingdom

Q: Ketchup

60 ish degrees and cloudy

Pax: (13)

Breaststroke, Thomas, Tonight Show, Yodel, Hog, Butterfly, Bard Door, Moon Man, Crab Cakes, Apache Adams, Relish, Lt. Dangle (Welcome FNG)

Q called time at 5:30 and proceeded to recite the code, creedo, mission statement, guiding principles, and beacons of literary guidance.  While it is clearly evident Q is not a professional he was sure to state it orally and that all Pax should modify as needed.  Thereafter Q learned that coupon gate 2.0 was not avoided besides his best efforts to encourage to bring coupons so he immediately began thinking about how we were going to modify as we moved forward…alas no one has time for that so we started the Mosey

Warm O’ Rama

Pax moseyed to the parking lot near the boat ramp where we proceeded to perform Side Straddle Hops, Tappy Taps, Michael Phelps and Sun Gods.  Counts where as follows:

20 SSH

20 Tappy Taps 

13 Michael Phelps (because Q forgot to change his vocal tone at 9 and it took him three to figure out how to stop)

10 Sun Gods forward

10 Sun Gods Backwards – threw in calf raises as an audible

Pre-Thang – Blimp

Once Warmed up the PAX mosey to the intercircle and completed a Blimp as we marched towards the final spot of our Q – 

Blimp consisted of 5 burpees, 10 lunge each leg, 15 imperial walker, 20 merkins, 25 plank jacks, 30 squats. 

Finally were onto the Thang and all PAX retrieved what coupons we had and moseyed to the cones in the center of the intercircle.  

Thang – 

PAX was split into groups of 3 and one of 4 (originally 4 and 5 cause mathing is hard) and available coupons were divided amongst the groups.  As Q explained what we were doing, audible groans were emitted from the group…which made the Q smile inside.  Once it was explained all there was to do was to do it so the group proceeded to perform the following exercises based on how many people were in their group.  

1-Pax – Grab your Coupon – Murder Bunny to Cone – 5 Blockies – Rifle Carry Return
Remaining PAX AMRAP Exercises in order until PAX Returns from Cone.  Cycle Through Until Each Pax has completed each exercise.  Group 1 is the push group
4-Man Groups3-Man Groups
Station 1 -Block Press Block Jerks Goblet SquatsStation 1 -Block PressBlock Jerks
Station 2 -Burpee Block Jump OversBurlsBlock SquatsStation 2 -BlerkinsBurpee Block Jump Overs
Station 3 -Block Press Slide Over MerkinsBent Over RowsStation 3 -BurlsBlock Squats 
Station 4 –BlerkinsBlock LungesKettle Bell SwingsStation 4 –Vertical Block Press Slide Over Merkins
Station 5 – Goblet SquatsKettle Bell Swings

Omaha was called at 6:05 and we moseyed back to the flags

Mary –

Box cutter with block on chest – 20

War Hammers – 20

Circle of Trust

Q talked about an article that Wait Time posted several weeks ago about a clinical definition assigned to the space between being unhappy and happy and that term is Languishing.  He spoke of how currently he is in that state as there are several things going on at work that make things very difficult and that things are a slog.  In today’s society we as men have constant pressure to be 100 percent 100 percent of the time.  If we aren’t diffusing nuclear bombs or running a marathon every day we aren’t doing enough.  Some days, for some people, 100 precent means getting out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other.  For some, it means not sleeping until 1000.  Q reminded everyone that we all are in different places mentally and sometime the pressure to not feel a certain way can be as debilitating as feeling that way in the first place.  He commented that it is okay to languish at times…don’t get stuck there…but know that not being okay is okay.  Not everything can be fixed with a self help book, or a butt tap or the niceties that we are often met with when people find out we are struggling.  Sometimes things suck and you have to embrace it, experience it and get through it…which means that at times…you have to languish to continue to accelerate.  Just remember to adjust what your expectation of acceleration during that time.  

Ended with a prayer and encouraged Lt. Dangle to come back again.  

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Wild Kingdom

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