The Danger Zone  Mission 7 – May 26th, 2021

61 degrees, a beautiful, brisk May Morning

4 Mile Pre-Runners took off at 4:40 and ran around Walnut Creek: Trench, Baby Shark, Double Dip, Girl Dad

2.75 Mile Pre-Runners took off at 4:45 and did an out and back with some extra credit: Gobbler, Lucky Charms, Ear Tag, Tony The Tiger

PAX: Wait Time, Big Sky, Baby Shark, Haggis, Belding, Black Jack, Tony the Tiger, Roll Bar, Boiling Point, Jean Claude, Feeney, Boucher (Boo-Shay), Lucky Charms, Fun Dip, Echo, Double Dip, Pea Soup, Schrute, Girl Dad, Arch, Rooney, Squeaky Clean, Trench, Gobbler

At 5:15, YHC welcomed the PAX in attendance.   I stated the F3 mission statement, the 3Fs (Fitness, Fellowship, Faith) and the 5 core principles (Free, Open to all Men, Held Outdoors, Led in a rotating fashion, End in a COT). I am not a professional, this is a bruiser friendly workout, so modify if needed. 

We are focusing today on the Why, Why are we here at F3 at 5:15am?  Why do we do what we do?  So its back to basics, we are going to work on cadence, the why of what we are doing, in order to give you confidence to lead in future F3 workout.  I want to be clear, this is not Q school, this is a refresher of the basics of the 1st F of F3, I am not stealing Khakis role for Q school.

Proper counting and announcing of the exercise is important for F3 nation.  Vacation time is coming, and understanding the how and why we do things will help you as you join other PAX across the nation.  A proper exercise introduction has 3 parts:

  1. Identify the exercise
    1. “Next exercise is…merkins”
  2. Move into position
    1. “Ready Position…move”
  3. Begin the exercise
    1. “20, In cadence…Exercise”


            Active Stretching:

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Karoka (down & back whilst looking at the lunar eclipse)
  • Highya-ski

            Tappy Taps

            Big Ones

            Imperial Walkers

It was important to note that YHC announced Big Ones, but started to do Abe Vigodas.  While some of the PAX thought this a good time to “rib the Q”, I felt this a great time to teach a lesson.  Don’t be swayed by the PAX, stay confident and strong in your leadership as well as your conviction and commitment to the exercise.  There will be errors, but why dwell on them.  Move on, nothing to see here.

Pre-Thang – Mosey to Shelter

Thang – Split into 4 groups.  This is your group until Omaha is called, and it will be like a team grinder. You will do team exercises (practicing announcing an exercise) at the pavilion, mosey to the fork in the trail, do the first exercise listed come back.  We are focusing on form and proper cadence:

The Call Out:

“The next exercise is…” [pause] name of  exercise

Move into Position: (AKA Get your Ass Ready)

Starting Position…” [pause] “Move!”

The Count & Begin Exercise: (How am I counting, and when to do we start)

In Cadence (or On my down)…” [pause] “Exercise!” (begin count 1..2..3, or down, or up))

Round 1:

Tempo Merkins – 20 IC

Dips – 30

Round 2:

Copperhead Squats: 20 IC

Derkins: 20

Round 3:

Monkey Humpers – 20 IC

Squats – 30

Round 4:

LBCs – 30 IC

Johhny Dramas – 30

Mary – Held at the Walnut Creek Pavilion.  Home of the undisputed, greatest sunrise in F3 Omaha

  • Frozen Freddys- 20
  • Big Boys – 15
  • Instagram Models – 20

Announcements/Prayer Requests:

  • Blood drives have been scheduled at the Nebraska Community Blood Bank for Memorial day (May 31) and June 18th. (see slack or Squeeky Clean for details)
  • Brick Builder event for the F3 Foundation starts with a family friendly event on June 11th.  The competition and First F event is on June 12th.  All proceeds will benefit the F3 Foundation scholarship program


I want to start by saying I wanted a change of pace today, to gain some perspective on life.  Things for me seem to always be a bit simpler in the gloom.  I’m not making dinner, taking kids to practices, I am here trying to improve my physical self, which then sneaks its way into my mental self.  But I think that Simon Sinek said it best:

Happiness comes from WHAT we do:

Fulfillment comes from WHY we do it

We have all come out here for the same reason, to better our physical self, but does that really fulfill us?  I don’t think that we are fulfilled by just the physical side (First F) of F3, it’s the friendships (Second F) it’s the community betterment (Third F) that really fulfills me.  The F3 transformation also lends itself to your home life, where I am a better father, husband, son and friend.  My 45+ minutes in the gloom and ride home prepare me for my day, week and push me to be better in all three phases in life:

I challenge you this week to write down your why.  Why wake up at 4:30am, why run those miles, why eat healthy?  What fulfills you?

Fellowship:  Since the PAX in attendance were all at the Walnut Creek Pavilion, and the workout was “Bruiser Friendly” it was announced that we would walk back the 0.35 miles as a group to develop some time for Fellowship; which was had by all.

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