Tuesday, May 25 | Colosseum | Westside High School | 68 Degrees

PAX (24): STELLA, Huffy, Black Flag, Z-Bo, Brazilian, Jar Jar, Honey Stinger, Tugboat (Toot Toot), Ice-T, Edison, Tin Cup, Sportiva, Zven, Safe Ride, Convoy, Khakis (Respect), Scrunchy (FNG) , Jack Rabbit, Dr. Thunder, Slow Pitch, Tenderfoot, Bear Grills, Bloodshot, Sparty

QIC: Sparty

YHC was very excited to be back on the Q at Westside High School. The grounds are great, and the men are even better. I showed up just after 5am to get set up and after quickly setting out 4 stations, I took the rest of the time leading up until 5:30am to walk around the track in peace. As time went on, Convoy jumped on the track to crank out a quick mile run, Khakis was walking/running/roaming all over like he owned the place, Safe Ride completed his ruck around the track, and the pre-runners returned. It was 5:27am and time to join the gathered PAX. Fist booms were plentiful, and an FNG was in attendance.

5:30am, “Welcome to F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Welcome to our FNG today, Josh. F3 exists to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our core principles are that 1. We are free 2. Open to all men 3. Always held outdoors 4. Led in rotating fashion and 5. We always end in a Circle of Trust. I am not a professional, so going forward, everything is simply a suggestion so feel free to modify as necessary. Let’s get started by taking a mosey to the goal-line.” There were mumbles amongst the PAX as this was not traditional for how we get started. YHC wanted to help get the PAX and their bodies prepared for the workout, so we went through a quick Pre-Warm-a-rama:

  • Walk on your toes for 10 yards
  • Walk on your heals for 10 yards
  • Lunge to the 40 yard line
  • Easy mosey to the other goal-line
  • Mosey back to the 50 yard line for Warm-a-rama


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Sun Gods – 10 F/10 R IC
  • Cherry Pickers
  • ATMs
    • Alternating Shoulder Taps – 15 IC
    • Tempo Merkins – 15 IC
    • Merkins – 15
  • Control Freak Squats – 10

The men were good and ready. It was time to get to the Thang. YHC had the men count off into 4’s, and we had an even amount which satisfies any Q that likes uniformity. I then spent a minute explaining the beatdown: 4 stations, your group completes the first exercise on the sheet then mosey counterclockwise to the next station. There were 3 exercises on each sheet. If you make a 4th trip back to a station, rinse and repeat. I knew the exercises were pretty straight forward, with the exception of one that required a professional demonstration. “Tugboat, can you demonstrate a proper Squat?” He happily obliged.

The Thang:

  • Station 1 (West side of field at the 50 yard line)
    • Jump Tucks – 20
    • Bobby Hurley’s – 25
    • Air Squats (Tugboat Style) – 30
  • Station 2 (Southest of the field against the brick wall)
    • Donkey Kicks – 20
    • Chicken Peckers – 20 IC
    • Australian Mountain Climbers – 30 IC
  • Station 3 (Top of the stairs of the east stands)
    • Tempo Merkins – 25 IC
    • Hand-release Merkins – 20
    • Merkins – 30
  • Station 4 (North of the field on the track)
    • American Hammers – 25 IC
    • Big Boys – 20
    • Dying Cockroaches – 25 IC

At 6:06am, “OMAHA” was called. Khakis was in prime shape for the beatdown as he dominated the core station and had a feeling of distaste for much of the other exercises, especially on the wall. All of this matters because this equates to a solid beatdown when you get this reaction out of our man we refer to with Respect!


  • ETK – 15 IC each side
  • Heel Touches – 15 IC
  • American Hammers – 15 IC

Name-o-rama: YHC got a little excited to yell Stella, Slow Pitch was allowed to keep the camera’s attention for as long as it took to say his name, and YHC gave the Colosseum it’s respect which caught the attention of Stella, Huffy, & Safe Ride (The District Tri-fecta).

Announcements: Blood Drive, Memorial Day Murph (3 times at each Murph AO) – Octagon is always a good option as well as Tin Cup wanted to make sure YHC was aware, Brick Builder – Party on the 11th and business on the 12th.

COT: There were a handful of directions I thought about going today with my COT, but then I saw this morning that today is the 1-year anniversary of when George Floyd was killed. If you remove politics, justice, police brutality, and wherever you stand with any of these issues as they relate to this incident, we can all agree that this day forever changed our lives in America. Right, wrong, or indifferent, we will never go back to the way things were on May 24, 2020. There were 2 really big takeaways I had from that day that I learned from, and they are that I need to 1. Be Kind, always and without conditions, and 2. Listen! I have so many brothers that have been hurting and this incident only heightened their pain. I didn’t need to share my thoughts or feelings. I needed to simply shut up and listen. I can apply this to all my relationships in my life. I encourage you all to spend some time this week thinking about how your life or your view on the world has changed since that day a year ago. Be aware of it and act accordingly. Thank you Stella for the opportunity to lead the men today!

Slow Pitch took the PAX out with great words of Prayer.



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