04/20/2021, Tuesday, Something like 63F

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Q: Two Step
0530: Q welcomed PAX on the northwest corner of the track, downhill from the shovel flags and through the skinny chainlink micromaze entrance, and reminded them of the Fs, stated the mission and listed the circular core principles of F3, determined the absence of FNG, and disclaimed his nonprofessional status.
Mosey: one track lap, encircle at the center field W.

Warm O’ Rama
Tappy Taps
Tater Taps
Monkey Humpers
Abe Vigoda Windmills
Cherry Pickers
Seal Claps
Overhead Claps
Side Straddle Hop

Mosey: another lap
Pre-Thang : Crowd Pleaser = combo merkins and groiners, one rep of each, ascending to five reps of each and descending to one.

Pax counted into four groups, each assembled at respective corners of the football field to perform the listed reps of exercises on each winke. The final exercise of each included running to center field prior to performing the exercise. Once the centerfield exercise was completed, the groups then ran to the closkwise adjacent corner to perform the respective exercises.
Winke 1
Merkins 10
Jump Tucks 10
Mtn Climbers IC 10
to CF – Burpees 5

Winke 2
Werkins 10
Lunges L Leg Fwd 10
Freddy Mercuries IC 10
Salomon Goiners IC 10
to CF – Turkish Get-ups 5

Winke 3
Ranger Merkins 10
Squat Jumps 10
Flutter Kicks IC 10
Plank Jacks IC 10
to CF – Burpees 5

Winke 4
Diamond Merkins 10
Lunges R leg fwd 10
Frozen Freddies IC 10
Groiners IC 10
to CF – Turkish Get-ups 5

Post Thang
Absolutions/Irish Two Steps, Rancid Style after Q led a demonstration of the 8-count cadence exercise. Pax completed 15 before the Q called Omaha with his last breath.

6 M of M
Big Boys
American Hammders Rancid Style

Announcements: Brickbuilder 6/12, Family night 6/11

Prayer Requests:
Stinkbait’s Brother Adam
My M’s friend, Jen Welch

Every once in a while somebody’s COT needs to be repeated imho. Last thursday at Futurama Frosty warned us about losing the last thing you have the ability to control when facing circumstances out of your control. If you do, you will have nothing in your control and you’ll be at the mercy of fate and whoever has the control. That last thing, the control of which you will almost always be better off keeping, is your composure. Keeping your emotions regulated, and being aware of them, able to recognize them and understand the facts that surround them, will always be your best move.
There’s a self-help or some sort of psychological meme that you may come across, not sure anybody knows who said it first, “Choose your hard.” It resembles the buddhist teaching that “there is always suffering.” It is hard to get out of bed, but it will also eventually be hard if you stay in bed and miss whatever you needed to get done. It is hard to post in the gloom, but you’ve all chosen to do it today because you know that life is harder without any of the Fs. It is hard to be financially responsible, but also hard to have spent all your money and then have to worry about affording whatever is needed next. It is hard to be a responsible yet loving parent, but also hard to be the parent of someone who hasn’t had a responsible yet loving parent.
Lastly, like Frosty said, it is hard to maintain your composure when you feel like everything is out of your control. However, it is also hard to pick up the pieces after you’ve lost your shit. Because now they stink and everybody around you is disgusted with them and the odor will linger. The analogy can keep going, but you get the point.
It is going to be hard either way, but you have the  freedom to choose. That’s what you did when you came out here today, knowing that a Two-Step Q had such a high chance of ending with absolutions-to-failure. That’s what Cheapseats did when he hit me up the other day saying he was looking forward to my next Q and the inevitable absolutions. He didn’t do that because he enjoys them, Lord he isn’t cray. He did that because that’s the hard he chose, and we all choose everyday in the gloom.

Two Step

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