05/21/2021 @0530| The Woodshed | Elmwood Park – 808 South 60th Street

PAX:  16 – PortaJohn, Drone Strike, Spreadsheet, Swinger, Samples, No Doze, Icy Hot, Pony Express, E-85, Connor Fujan – FNG aka Beeps, Houskal, Sportiva, Buns O’ Steel, Black Jack, Gunner & Selleck

Weather: Soupy.

Qic:  Selleck

Selleck welcomed the PAX to the Woodshed dispelled mission, core principles and disclaimer; in typical  fashion Selleck forgo a mosey and moved right to warmarama. .


  • Sun Gods x 10 IC forward
  • Sun Gods x 10 IC reverse
  • Windmills X 10 IC slowly
  • Imperial Walkers x 10 IC
  • String rippers X 10 IC
  • Breakdance Merkins x 5 each arm (2 sets)
  • SSH X 20 IC


Now warmed, Selleck directed the PAX to the playground and separated into two groups.

  • Toy Truck Pick em Up!
    • PAX separate into two groups an on opposite sides of the playground
    • 1 man entered the arena from each team and grabbed as many toys as they could then returned to their respective sideline to tag in the next PAX member.
    • First team to 30 toys on their side wins
    • Winner 5 burpees
    • Loser 10 burpees
  • Angels on Horse Back
    • PAX moseyed to the pavillion parking and remained in designated groups. Each group lined oppsites sides of the parking drive way and begin the routine
      • Round 1 – 10 derkins; bear crawl to opposite side changing places with opposing group
      • Round 2 – 10 werkins; lunge to opposite side of lot
      • Round 3 – 10 dry docks with feet on curb; duck walk to opposite side of the lot
      • Round 4 – 10 crucibles; super mario bros to opposite sides of the lot
  • Find Some Wall
    • PAX moseyed to the pavillion to find a place against the wall
      • Group 1 wall sit for 30 seconds
      • Group 1 BTTW for 30 seconds
      • Flap jack x3


PAX moseyed to the Elmwood pool parking lot for the main event; the semi-annual beep test. Selleck had cones set up ~20 meters apart. PAX all started on the same line and Selleck started the beep test designed to reach state of fatigue. PAX ran back and forth between the cone marker lines at the trigger of an audio beep. Only on an audio beep can a PAX member move from one marker to the other. As the test progressives in stages the interval times between the audio beep decreases and PAX have to increase their pace. There are 8 beeps per level. The test ends when a PAX member can no longer keep paces and misses 2 beeps in a row.

  • BATTLE ROPES – Upon dropping out of the test PAX members rang the bell with Battle ropes of 20 alternate, 20 double slam or failure…which ever comes first.
  • Jacobs Ladder (to 11) – while PAX members remained in the beep test, early departers shifted to 11’s
    • 1 pickle pusher /run the 20 meters / 10 merkins
    • 2 pickle pushers/run the 20 meters / 9 merkins
    • 3 pickle pushers/run the 20 meters/8 merkin
    • Etc.

Beep test is you against you, but it did come down to a salty veteran and an FNG. Nice work No Dose and Connor aka Beeps who reached level 9 on the test.

Selleck moved right to Mary at the pool lot.


    • 2 BB Sit-up/2 merkin
    • 4 BB Sit-up/4 merkins
    • 6 BB Sit-up/6 merkins
    • 8 BB Sit-up/8 merkins
    • 10 BB Sit-up/10 merkins

Announcements/Prayer Requests: 


  • Selleck shared a recent encounter with a stranger. While at work a man interrupted a conversation, he was having with a co-worked an passed him a business card with bible scripture on it; Romans 12:10, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; outdo one another in showing honor.”
  • F3 offers a great foundation for “brotherly love” as well as a venue to call others to greatness and “outdo one another in showing honor.”
  • Many men in our circles don’t have such a strong foundation/community to live out this aspiration at the core of this verse. We often see individual glory/wins, sometimes at the cost of others, but within the fabric of F3 we have committed to doing life together and lifting others up.
  • As challenging as it is, Selleck charged the PAX to find one neighbor, friend, co-worker, family member to give the gift of F3 and live out Romans 12:10. Quoting the stranger who passed the business card to Selleck, “it’s the only way to live, my brother.”  
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