May 21, 2021 – The Brickyard

“Be A Pusher”

13 Men in attendance: Stella, Vanilla Ice, Huffy, Sister Act, Dog House, Wait Time, Safe Ride, Toadstool, Betamax, Bloodshot, FDIC, Brazilian, Ice-T

Introduction: Welcome to F3, spoke of the mission statement and five core principles; no FNGs so moseyed along. 

Warmarama: 15x IC of SSH, Tappy Taps, Imperial Walkers.

Pre-Thang: listened to “I’m Your Pusher” by Ice T, passed coupons around a circle for the ~5 minutes, switching directions about halfway through.

Thang: Partner grinder. Partner A did Murder Bunny ~20 yards to a cone, then ran a lap back to partner. Partner then switched and ran a lap back to the coupon and did Murder Bunny back to exercise point. Other partner did AMRAP of the following until relieved:• Coupon Curls• Coupon Merkins• Kettlebell Swings• Coupon Squats• Low Dollys with Coupon Overhead• Hold Curl in ‘up’ Position• Coupon Toe Taps

6 Minutes of Mary: 15 Coupon Flutters IC, with coupon on chest or bench pressing; 15 LBCs (Little Baby Coupons) IC with coupon on chest; and finished with 15 IC Coupon Hammers.

Announcements were made and a prayer was offered.

COT: The song “I’m Your Pusher” is a surprisingly positive, inspiring song. The song’s main point is stop taking drugs andlet the music be your drug. In the same way, many of us have gone through phases of life with certain vices, and we now choose ridiculously early morning exercise as our vice. And someone thought well enough of us to invite us into this. So be a pusher – push someone who needs to break a bad habit to replace it with this habit.

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