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PAX:   Frosted Tips (Hate), Patton (Respect), Sven, Room Service, Big One, Tater Tot, The Plague, Z-Bo, Mother Goose, Folsom, Hawg (Respect), TC (Respect), Slow Pitch, Flanders, Wentworth, Merch, Thomas, Grillz, Water Boy, Spacebar, Double Nickel (Respect), Grease Fire, Tin Cup,  Kielbasa, and Dirty Bird

Q: Saul

Saul covered the necessary introductory topics for a workout:

  • Mission of F3;
  • 5 Core Principles
  • Checked for FNGs,
  • Gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the Burke parking lot. The field was closed due to state track.

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Big Ones 5 IC each leg
  • Jump Tucks 10
  • Imperial Walkers 20 IC
  • String Rippers 10 IC
  • Sun Gods-Forward and Reverse 10 IC
  • ATMs 3 sets of 5

2-Pre Thang

PAX  gathered at  one end of the parking lot. PAX worked there way towards the end of the parking lot performing Killer Bees.

Killer Bees


The Killer B’s are Bear Crawl, Broad Jump, and Burpees. PAX Bear crawl roughly 100ft or distance specified by Q, then Broad jump back to start, every 5 broad jumps, PAX performs 3 Burpees. Timed AMRAP

3 – The Thang

After Killer Bs, the PAX moseyed to the bottom of the hill on 120th and street. PAX broke up into groups of four. Two members of the group bear crawl/bernie sanders or lunged up the hill. The second half of the group AMRAP’d the exercises below

Exercises -AMRAP for ALL

 1. Alt Shoulder Taps

2. Chery Pickers

3. Mountain Climbers

4. Flutter Kicks

5. Groiner

6. Bobby Hurleys

7. LBCs

8. Squats

4– 6 MOM

  • American Hammers-
  • Homer/Marge
  • Hello Dollies
  • E2K
  • Dying Cock Roaches-Mother Goose led
  • Frozen Freddies-Big One led

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements
    • In general, check Slack for details
      • Sunday, May 23, Mental Health Run at Flannagan Lake-5 AM and 6 AM options
      • June 11- F3 Foundation-Family Night
      • June 12 – F3 Foundation Event
      • Blood Drive Options
      • Memorial Day Triple Murph
  • Words of Wisdom
  • The History of Golden Spike, what this AO means to me, and the Future

The History of Golden Spike

  • On March 8, 2019, F3 Omaha opened up Golden Spike. The Spike was the  8th AO, we are now at 30 AOs, more depending on how you count it.
  • The first Site Q was Big One. Some words he posted from his BB that day included the story behind the Golden Spike name.
    • The Big One talked about the origin of the name of the AO. Golden Spike is associated with Omaha because of UP. There was also a Golden Spike drive-in theater at 114th and Dodge that was once on the “edge of town”. Most importantly Golden Spike represents east meeting west and the tracks that are being laid by F3 throughout Omaha. These tracks are connecting the HIM of Omaha and allowing us to meet friends we didn’t know we had.
  • At the time GS opened, the furthest west AO was the Maize and the furthest east AO was Cornhusker/Woodshed/Heavy Metal. We have obviously grown since
  • Regardless of whether GS is the geographic middle part of the track for this F3 Omaha community or not, Big One’s point still remains: Have AO options so you can connect with your brothers from other parts of the city.

What this AO means to me-The neighborhood AO

  • Not only are we opening AOs to connect PAX throughout the city but we have opened AOs so we reach more men in their own backyards. I can’t overemphasize the impact of having an AO in your neighborhood. It accelerates buy in. It makes it easier to not fartsack when the workout is down the street. By nature, I keep a close radius for work, home, parish/kids school and F3 postings. GS is my neighborhood AO.
  • When GS opened in 19, I was about 6 months into my F3 journey. Was I sold on F3 at that point? For sure! But, having GS so close to my house sealed the deal even further. I was and still am bad at posting at AOs further from home. Posting at GS insured that I started my weekend on the right foot with a pre run and workout on Friday morning.
  • I was very honored when Big One asked me to lead this site. I am proud of the accomplishments this site has had in the past year. Plenty of VQs have occurred in the last year. And just as important, we have offered the neighborhood workout for the PAX in this area.

The Future-Passing the Shovel Flag to Mother Goose

  • Moving forward, the site will be in great hands with Mother Goose. This HIM has accelerated since day one.
    • I have known MG since high school. I barely EH’d him, he reached out to me after researching F3 Omaha himself. He had some issues in his life he was working through and not being complacent, sought out F3 Omaha to get better in life.
    • His VQ was at the Spike. With his coaching background, he looked like a seasoned veteran leading the workout. Beyond that, he was vulnerable in his COT and shared a piece of himself for the betterment of the group.  
    • I have no doubt that as he takes over as site Q that he will continue to accelerate himself and those around him at Golden Spike. I know this shovel flag will be in great hands with Mother Goose.

Next F3 Events – Oracle/The Pit/Oscar Mike-Saturday May 22



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