Wednesday, May 19 | Top Rope | Aldrich Elementary | 62 and humid

PAX (15): Chucky, Barn Door, Lifeline (Hate), Gator, FDIC, Italian Job, Ketchup, Mufasa, Moon Man, Boomerang, Rollbar, Relish, Hard Hat, Armbar, Sparty

QIC: Armbar & Sparty

This great morning actually started Tuesday morning. Armbar and YHC arrived at Trident 20+ minutes early to the Pre-run to get in some extra miles. Top Rope came up in conversation and Armbar felt bad for Griswold as he had to back out of his Q. Knowing that Armbar was in a conundrum, I spoke up and said I could take the Q for him. In later discussions, we thought it would be fun to do a co-Q.

At 5:28am, we started looking around as we had a solid group of men, but knew some guys that had come this morning were not at the flags. Our High Impact Man Hard Hat knew that Chucky took off to pick up the 6 from the pre-run. 30 seconds later, Rollbar, Gator, and Italian Job came through the trees….but no Chucky. It was 5:30am………YHC and the Site-Q looked at each other. “Shoooould we start or wait?” Armbar then stepped up and said, “well he still has 18 seconds,” and boom, there was Chucky and Hard Hat. We still started before 5:31am. Armbar carried out the F3 Welcome with a solid cadence of our mission statement, and 5 core principles. YHC let the men know that he is not a professional in any capacity, but Armbar assured the men that he is. Armbar shared that we were going to start Warm-a-rama right there at the flags:


  • SSH – 1 (yes the number one) IC

It was now time for the “Pre-Thang.” Most of these men had never experienced what was about to go down, and YHC was excited to see/hear the reaction of the PAX.


  • 12 Minute Beaver Run

Armbar handled this like a pro and smiled every time one of the men complained. We went around in circles continuously and everyone whined about how bad their shoulders hurt. At the end of 12 minutes, Armbar grinned and said, “Alright Sparty, it’s your turn.” YHC then called the men to the entrance of the school where a lantern was sitting on top of a Weinkie.

The Thang:

  • 2-man Grinder: 1 partner ran around the parking lot and was the push while the other partner performed the following exercises (AMRAP):
    • Single-leg squats
    • Dips
    • Lateral Jumps (over the bar)
    • Derkins
    • Toe Taps (Alternating feet up to bar)

“The Thang” was intended to require the PAX to give a solid effort as the running part was a little longer and their partner was dependent upon them returning as quickly as possible as the exercises were daunting. It was also intended to be hard. What was unexpected was the level of humidity and the sweat that went with it. Some men were hot out the gates on their runs and slowed their pace quite a bit towards the end. Fun was had by all. At 6:05am, YHC yelled “Omaha!” We then took a nice mosey back to the shovel flags for core.


  • Isolated Freddie Murcury’s – 15 IC
  • LBS – 15 IC
  • American Hammers – Rancid Style 15 IC

Announcements: 2nd round of APEX is this Saturday at Titan Alley. 12-21 continues this Sunday as the men will be meeting a Flanagan Lake and will be starting at 5am. Additionally, there is a run starting at 6am at the same location for Mental Health Awareness. Both groups will finish around 7am and we’ll have coffee and food. Memorial Day, we will have 3 options for the Murph. 2 comments on The Brick Builder: 1. Don’t wait to sign up. We need to start getting a good count for participation, and you can’t just show up the day of. 2. Want to be a part of the event but not compete, sign up to volunteer.

Prayers: Silent in the men’s hearts.

COT: I am happy to hear some of you guys say “that was hard.” That was the whole point of today’s workout. I am a big follower of Goggins and he talks about this a lot, that you need to continue to push yourself beyond what you think your limits are. How he describes it is that you need to Callus your mind so that when shit hits the fan, you can fall back on your training. This is why I like doing crazy challenges that push my limits and abilities. It gives me strength and courage in tough moments and allows me to keep a cool head and see things clearly. F3 operates the same way. We don’t get up at 5am to go through the motions. We do hard things to help build us up to handle adversity as best as we can. You can easily get stuck in the trap of improving at F3 and only applying it there. If you aren’t taking everything you are learning through F3 and applying it to all aspects of your life: at home, work, neighborhood, community, church……you are wasting what F3 has to offer. I encourage you all to go outside of your comfort zone with your fitness. Memorial Day is a great opportunity to do this. If you have never done a “Murph” before, do it on the day that thousands of people around the world will do it. If you do it regularly, do 2. If you are doing doubles now, do 3 on that day. Keep pushing yourself to callus your mind so that you can be the leader out in the world that we need.

YHC took the PAX out in prayer.



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