64 degrees, 94% humidity, hot and sticky…

PAX- Slick, Relish, Blades of Glory, Hard Hat, Convoy. Sprout, Bear Grylls, Dr. Thunder, Crab Cakes, Mufasa, Yodel, Cheap Seats. Barn Door, Speed Square, Ketchup

Q: Roadhouse

I pulled into the parking lot at 4:34 AM. It had been a while since I had been to the Maize and I wanted to reacquaint myself to the site. After many days of rain, I also wanted to check the swampiness of the football field. (It turns out the only swampiness this morning would be in my shorts due to the humidity).

There was a nice group of five of us for the pre-run and we enjoyed our mosey around the lake. It was already and hot and sticky and the bugs were out in full force. Perfect conditions for a beautiful morning. We returned to the shovel flags and at 5:30 there were 15 of us. At 5:31, there were 16 of us… Dammit Mufasa!

I looked around at our group and felt good about our crew. I would put this gang against any other site this morning. We had Slick, whose hair was already glistening in the morning light. Relish and Hard Hat were having a free gun show in their sleeveless T’s. We had Crab Cakes there to dominate any sort of Bear Crawl race. We had it all!

I gave the traditional welcome and stumbled through the five core principles. I then told the group that this morning was going to be constant motion. We will never stop moving until the workout is over. And with that we moseyed to the center of the football field and circled up for some Warm-a-rama.


SSH’s Silent 8 in cadence and 12 in silence… an additional 5 burpees occurred.

Big Ones 20

Little Ones 15

Imperial Walkers 15

Sun Gods 20

After Warm-a-rama, I instructed the PAX to partner up for a Beaver Run Pre-Thang. We took off from the field and headed to the path that leads to the lake. Arms up. Arms out. 10 merkins. Arms up. Arms out. 10 merkins. We did this over and over until we reached the lake and then turned around and headed back doing the same thing. For historical records, I swallowed 37 bugs during the run by the lake. We arrived back at the field and gathered back at midfield. It was time for the Thang!

For the Thang I had people stray with their partners. It was time to grind. The Thang was a 2-man grinder with 2 stations. One at the 50-yard line and one at the goal line. At the 50, it was Merkin Madness and at the goal line it was a lit of exercises to do AMRAP.

The Thang:

Station 1- AMRAP Exercises:

Copperhead Squats

Heels to Heaven

Cherry Pickers

Bonnie Blairs


Carolina Dry Docks

Station 2- Merkin Madness:

10 Merkins

10 Werkins

10 Chuck Norris Merkins

10 Ranger Merkins

10 Tempo Merkins.

There was a lot of mumblechatter about how terrible this workout was. People’s shoulders were cashed. The merkins got harder and harder. The dry docks were stupid. At one pint Yodel asked who the idiot was who came up with this workout. The Q smiled as his shoulders burnt in pain…

Omaha was called and we headed back to the shovel flag for Mary.


Starfish Crunches- 15

E2K- 10 each

American Hammers- Rancid Style- twice around the circle- 30 total or 31… depends who you ask…

The workout was done. The PAX was wet! Shoulders were burning. Guys were gassed. It was a beautiful thing.

Name-a-rama went smooth and there were zero announcements.

Prayer Request:

Please keep Convoy’s daughter Grace in your prayers as she navigates a difficult time. Also keep Convoy in your prayers as he supports her.


Today’s COT was about fear. For 42 years I have been deathly afraid of heights. The 3rd rung on the ladder was too high for me. It was a running joke in my family. I avoided any situation in which I was more than 5 feet in the air. A couple weeks ago, at approximately 13,500 feet in the air, I jumped out of an airplane. Now this was a huge fear that I overcame but it got me thinking about the fears that hold us back. The smaller fears. Things like worrying what people will think about me? How I will be perceived?

So often people move through life and they don’t even realize how often their fears will influence what they will do and what they won’t do. Will they take a chance or avoid a risk? Will they be open-minded or immediately look at why something won’t work? Will they try something new or stick with what they have always done? These are simple examples of the crossroads that every one of us face nearly every day.

So I ask you to reflect on those fears that are holding you back. That are preventing you from being the person you want to be. That are putting a top rung on your ladder. And be intentional about stepping towards them as opposed to away from them. Emerson once said, “ Those who are not every day conquering some fear, have not learned the secret of life.”

Good luck my friends!

I love you guys!


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