5/20/21, 5:30am, 64deg, moist…….very moist

AO: The Coop, Q-Honey Stinger

PAX: Flanders, Wide Right, Brazilian, Gumbo, Stella, Smashmouth, Toadstool, Jack Rabbit, Landsbury, Beta Max, Mother Goose, Folsom

5:30-Greetings, mission statement, core values and much love

5:32am-PAX takes off on a solid paced mosey around the soccer fields and tennis courts and end up on the playground/basketball court for WOR.

WOR: Goofballs, High Knees, Hillbilly Rockets, Steve Earls, Big Ones, Tappy Taps, SSHs, Yoga Stretches,

Pre pre thang: BMWs-Bobby Hurleys-15, Monkey Humpers-15IC, Werkins-15. PPPs-Pickle pounders-12IC, plank jacks-12IC, Pickle pushers-12IC. Stinger launches into a series of planks, chill cuts, alt shoulder taps, merkins, howl at the moons and downward dogs that have mumble chatter at a loud buzz for the first 10min of the beatdowns

PreThang: Stinger finally lets up on the plank isolations and moseys the PAX over the the park area. The following exercises are done at each corner stretch of the path that does around the open field at Swanson. Merkins-15, Squat jumps-10, Burpees-5, SSH-15IC. Two laps are done and about a mile of running are done before the PAX moseys over the the soccer field finally for the Thang

The Thang: Stinger has the PAX partner up for a grinder that is cumulative between partners. One partner is instructed to sprint to the cone placed about 50 yards mid field and then Bernie Sanders, Kereoke or skip back where the other partner will be performing the following exercises :

Merkins-75, Air Squats-75, LBCs-50IC, Monkey Humpers 50IC, Carolina DD-50, SSH-50IC, Big Boys 50, Seal Claps 50IC,

6:06am- with the Toadies and Weezer blaring through the neighborhood the Stinger calls Omaha and the PAX, already sopping with glory and morning mist circles up on the soccer field for 6MM

6MM: Flutter kicks-12IC, Box cutters-10IC, low dollys-15, Picke pushers-12IC. Done

Announcements: F3 Foundation events on 6/11/12

Prayers for all injured PAX that they make a speedy recovery.

COT: “if you died tonight, your employer would advise to fill your job by the end of the month. But your loved ones, chosen family and friends, would miss you forever. Don’t get too busy making a living that you forget to work on making a life”. -Denzel Washington. The PAX will always value the content of our characters, the words we say and the kind word and actions we make above all else. Try and remember that the next time you think the measure of a man lies in his status on job market. Aye

YHC-H.S Stinger

F3Omaha - 1950 posts

Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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