Cornhusker Handicap

May 18, 2021

62 degrees; clear

Q: Stella

Pax:  Polaroid, Demogorgon, Spreadsheet, Blackout, Doubletake, Dome, Bovine, Grease Fire, Panty Hose, Zamboni, Sleep Number, E85, Porta-a-John, Stitches, Jackrabbit, Stella. 

5:30 AM – YHC welcome PAX.  Reviewed core principles, disclaimer given and FNG check.  Today was Site Q swap day between The Colosseum and Cornhusker.  Two Step was sent over to The Colosseum to give the HIM of Omaha’s Best AS some hell.  YHC led PAX on short mosey to the artificial turf, just North of the HDR building for Warm-A-Rama.  YHC is so used to turf, he’s gotten soft, so I naturally had to find turf, to give the fine HIM of Cornhusker a taste of what it’s like at Omaha’s Best AO – The Colosseum !  


We did the following:  SSH, Tappy Taps, Wind Mills, Imperial Walkers, High Knees, Butt Kickers, Dirty Dogs. 

Pre-Thang:  We did two sets of ATMs on the turf. .  Started with 15 reps, 2nd time around was 10 reps.   

We then headed back to the shovel flags for the main beatdown.  An unnamed PAX commented that The Colosseum’s turf is a softer!

The Thang:  The Thang was modeled after YHC’s VQ Beatdown back in August 2019. Hopefully, this time went smoother and was improved.  This was a 2 man grinder.  We went to the middle of the field for base camp.  One partner completed the exercise, while the other sprinted to the stage for 5 Hand Release Merkins, run back to relieve and to take over for the count… Repeat until Omaha is called.

Omaha called at 6:05 AM.  We then headed back to the playground for Mary.  Mary:  LBC, Low Dolly, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury and ended with American Hammers.

Some mumble chatter towards the end of the beatdown.  Shoulder and chest heavy today…

We then did Name-A-Rama, Announcements, Prayer Requests.  COT today was about our core principle of being outside.  YHC shared that being outside daily, is good for health and makes me feel energized.  YHC is in an office most of the day and there is something special – maybe a connection to nature – about being in the gloom, rain, shine, heat or cold.  F3 would not be the same if it was held indoors.  Ended in Prayer



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