May 12, 2021//Aldrich Elementary//AO- Top Rope//Approx. 40degrees Fahrenheit//


Pax: Gator, Seabiscuit, Nailed It, Patchy Adams, Italian Job, Riptide, Pothole, Moonman, Tube Socks, Chippendale, Thumper, Armbar, Speedsquare, Lifeline, Ice T, Tooltime(Welcome FNG!)


Q: Tugboat


At 5:30 YHC delivered a jumbled combination of the 5 core principles, disclaimers and other standard introductories.  I explained that today’s workout was a tribute to the greatest pro wrestler who ever lived, Ric Flair.  Then we took a short mosey to the playground area.


Warm O’ Rama

YHC explained that we would be doing 16 reps of every exercise in honor of Ric Flair’s 16 recognized World Championship wins.  Although some sources would count a total of 19 and Ric Flair himself would claim as many as 25 I thought 16 was appropriate because that is what the WWF/WWE officially recognizes.


16 Shawn Michaels Sexy Boy Big Ones

16 Ravishing Rick Rude Rude Awakening Imperial Walkers

16 Sun God/Bobbie Hurley Choke Slam Combos

16 Iron Sheik Camel Huggers


Pre Thang:  Flaircrawl Dragon Chain

This pre-thang was in honor of all the legendary matches that Ric Flair had with Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.  The PAX lined up in high plank position and were encouraged to assume the pose of a dragon plank – which was one arm pointing out with your hand in a claw position.  For an extra degree of difficulty PAX were given the option of lifting their opposite foot.  Then, the HIM at the end of the line bear crawled along the line and was instructed to loudly ROAR at the end so the next HIM in line could begin bear crawling.  However, we called the “Bearcrawl” a “Flaircrawl” because “bear” rhymes with “Flair”.  After everyone made one Flaircrawl down the chain we advanced to the Thang.


The Thang

The Thang consisted of 3 stations which were designed in honor of 3 more legendary Ric Flair rivalries:


Station 1 – Ric Flair vs Vader

16 Vader Bomb Burpees (Jump Tuck + Burpee)

16 Rick Flair Chop Merkins (1 Merkin and then you post up on one arm and pretend you are giving your opponent a knife-edged chop with your other arm)

16 Left Leg Figure 4 Situps (Cross 1 leg over and touch opposite elbow to opposite knee)

16 Right Leg Figure 4 Situps (See above)

Push to Station 2


Station 2- Ric Flair vs Sting

16 Stinger Splash Merkins (Hand Release Merkin followed by a Superman body extension)

16 Nature Boy Big Boy Situps (1 Big Boy followed by 1 American Hammer, but on the Hammers you do a “stylin’ and profilin’” shimmy instead of the standard side to side motion)

16 Flair Squats (1 lunge + 1 lunge + 1 air squat – also yell “WHOO”)

Rinse/Repeat until pushed


Station 3 – Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes

16-Count In Cadence Bionic Elbow Plank – Left Elbow

16-Count In Cadence Bionic Elbow Plank – Right Elbow

16 Space Mountain Climbers (Australian Mountain Climbers)

16 Bonnie Flairs In Cadence (Bonnie Blair, except you also make a stylin’ and profilin’ motion with your upper body and also shout “WHOO” at the end of every rep instead of counting)

Rinse/Repeat until pushed


After 1 complete round through the circuit, YHC called everyone in and we did another set of 16 Vader Bomb Burpees together in a circle and then called Omaha.



16 Undertaker Big Boy Situps (sit up on the gong sound (“DONG”) instead of on “Up”)

16 Brutus the Barber Beefcake Scissor Kicks

American Hammers Rancid Style



In the ‘70s and early ‘80s professional wrestling was controlled by a series of promoters who each ran their own geographical territory.  These territories operated somewhat like organized crime and they would take turns loaning their wrestlers out to eachother.  One of their biggest problems was trying to create local stars.  During this era, Ric Flair established himself as the absolute king of the territories because they could send him into any new territory and put him in a feud with a local wrestler and the fans would initially absolutely love Ric Flair.  He wouldperform promos and say things like “My shoes cost more than your house” or brag about how he rode in limousines and private jets.  He would alternate between telling the crowd that all their wives were ugly or that he could easily sleep with any of their wives he wanted.  Even though he was insulting them, the fans absolutely loved all of this braggadocio and thought it was pretty cool.  Ric Flair would defeat the local guy in their first matchwhich would make the crowd very happy.  Then there would be a rematch between the two of them and in the course of promoting the rematch the local crowd would start to appreciate their local star and realize that they actually had a lot more in common with him than they did with Ric Flair.  The local wrestler would then win the rematch which would set up a rubber match to determine who won best 2 out of 3 with a “loser leaves town” stipulation.  By this point, the local crowd hated Ric Flair’s guts and they were fully behind the local guy.  This 3rd match was always a big money maker.  The local guy would win the 3rd match and would have ascended to a new level of stardom that he never could have achieved on his own.  And Ric Flair would move on to the next territory down the road to do it all over again.


This formula always worked for 2 reasons.  The first reason is that people are naturally inclined to follow leaders who they can identify with.  People always loved Ric Flair at first because he was new and a fancy talker but as the feud progressed to matches 2 and 3 they would always gravitate back to the local talent because they could see themselves in him.  So instead of trying to be flashy and superficial like Ric Flair, leaders should focus on being their authentic self because people will be more inclined to follow someone they can identify with.  The second reason why this worked in every territory where Ric Flair traveled was because Ric Flair was absolutely shameless when it came to making his opponent look good.  He would flop around all over the ring in order to make his opponent’s maneuvers look as impressive as possible.  He was confident enough in his own abilities to know that he wouldn’t lose any of his star power by showing his own vulnerability during his matches.  Leaders can adopt this philosophy by making the people on their teams look as good as possible rather than throwing people under the bus to enhance their own reputation.  


The Beatdown concluded with Prayers and Announcements and then we went to coffeteria at Karma.

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